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March 27, 2019
[EF] When my Dad was Younger He was a Dragon! by Jetera
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[EF] When my Dad was Younger He was a Dragon!

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One of the rules within the Gryp community says: only males can take care of the hatchlings' future. Females just leave.

Sheatar was known to be a bit jumpy gryp. The hatchday of Kishan turned him into a very jumpy gryp.
A heavy grey gift with his future son inside Sheatar received from his mate infected him with the Best Father syndrome. He became really, really nervous and aggressive, a pain in the ass for his friends and people in general.
But not for the little Kishan! For him his daddy was the best! The bravest! The tallest! The strongest! And his games are always so fun!
Every time the big angry monster appeared before you roaring like a train, you could hear a thin voice coming up from his mane. Cheek-cheek, raaawrThe sound of your doom.

Everfallen (c)jetera

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Congratulations on the DD~!!! Clap
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Very nicely done!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)

For My Personal Use DO NOT USE!!! by LindArtz

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Congrats On DD!
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Congratulations on the DD! Clap
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The rabbit on the left gives not shits, man. lmao!

"That aint none of my business."
so the little bird enjoyed seeing his father go berserk?
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Yup. When he grew up, however, he analysed everything he had seen and ended up a total pacifist :XD:
maybe he noticed the consequences of those rampages. are they protagonists or major characters of some story of yours?
hueyx's avatar
how could one stop a guy like that? pepper spray? groin kick?
Jetera's avatar
Fake death :>
hueyx's avatar
i get it he only beats up people who appears to be alive.
Jetera's avatar
He's just not very smart :>
hueyx's avatar
i see, well he seems to be a little bit overprotective.
it's kinda funny that while he's very dangerous looking he's also very cute!
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That tiny bird makes me happy. Meow :3 
wolflover1451's avatar
Aww so funny and cute! And scary for who savers involved
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Father of the year.
FaolSidhe's avatar
Powerfully threatening dilated yellow eye. It's Sauron !!
Jetera's avatar
No, it's worse... it's a not very smart but very determined father!
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hahaha this is so funny xD
TheEmpatheticCat's avatar
Just me while I'm playing video games...
Jetera's avatar
It makes you angry? :XD:
TheEmpatheticCat's avatar
Yeah.. Sometimes I got serious anger issues at playing games. I'm kinda... choleric. 
Let's say that I'm not proud of it. :XD:
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