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[EF] Strange Creature in the Workshop

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From sir Adalai Worthspeak mental journal (lol):
"The strange little creature hatched last night. Well, that's what he told me. Our workshop was a total disaster when I arrived, I wasted four hours to clean the mess up, so I tend to believe the process wasn't easy. He called this little weird looking gryp Lin-Lin. Or was it Lil-Lin? Because she's so tiny. Yeah, he's sure it's a female. I'm so tired. It's definitely not a doll, I can see one when I hear one *mental cough*, and it's too smart for a typical gryp. So, what exactly this black creature is? Well, can't say that I care since it makes my friend act like a normal person, which is creepy but good. Ugh, I wanna sleep."

What's going on:
Zei: ...and the world of opportunities! Just imagine flying above the most pompous skydwellers, where no gun can get you!.. Such fre-e-e-edom.
Lil-Lin: Tweet! Te-WE-E-ET!
Ad: Oh, his foot is on my couch again...

The scene features Adalai and Zeirash' workshop, Ad's first floor in particular, a place where he works on his doll carcasses. After his work is done, they lift the models up on the rooftop, where Zei's alchemic machines are located, to breathe life into them. And this little birb? It's Lil-Lin or just Lin, a strange creature that will play a major role in the plot of Everfallen. 

Everfallen (c)jetera

[EF] Alchemist by Jetera  [EF] Body Art by Jetera  [EF] a Swan by Jetera
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:'O I could stare at this for hours- Looks really, really good

Wow this is very cool!

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Your bg is soooo perfect! Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
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Looks like Zei is just trying to bring a little life back into the carcasses around them. XD Such a cute scene! Incredible detail in the background. :D 
devALLjapan's avatar
Such a great scene, love the subtle light 
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Well done! =)
I love your backgrounds, looks amazing like always! :clap:
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I must say, even though I'm not particularly fond of the subject-matter, I do find that the natural lighting makes this mundane scene appear much more appealing, quite a neat little piece.
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I love your cinematographic art! ^_________^
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Thanks, I appreciate it ^_^ :hug:
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Yay, birdie :3
Sooo cute :3

Next one is a animal house party in the workshop :D
But don't tell the neighours about it, maybe they don't like it o,o

Great picture as always :3
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your art is simply stunning!
The are so many things to look at in the background!
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Cool!.  Like the little shop atmosphere.
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What kind of drawing tablet do you use?
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Good old Wacom Intuos Tablet.
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Whoa extra spicy
Nice. I always love reading the stories/captions for your pieces. 
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Thanks, I appreciate it <3
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Beautiful, simply absolutely astounding and all of those magical words. Keep up the inspiring work sir <3
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AAAAAAAH another amazing illastration! is the lil birb one of the 7?
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