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[EF] Serious Study of Serious Things?

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Doctors and alchemists spend their lifetime learning and improving their skills. 
Any skills.

Leto loves improving her skills, it helps her keep herself in balance. And the gryps in a room is the best inspiration, they make her feel herself smarter. UHHH almost perfect!

Everfallen (c)jetera

[EF] Never Thought You Will Be Lost by Jetera  [EF] New Wind by Jetera  [EF] The day I showed You my Home by Jetera  [EF] Leto by Jetera 
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Haha I LOVE it so relatable
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she's doing some very important work
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That's not professional. è3é ... Damn that pen is up since a long time now. o.o
Nice work. :)
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Haha! That’s so amazing!
I love the lighting and atmosphere.
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Why yes, being capable of balancing the pen upon the bridge of one's nose at an angle like that will definitely aid in one's concentration on the memorisation and questioning of very important theories. :'D

I love the addition of the two vulture-like creatures by her side. xD I like that one of them appears to be munching on a totally-not-important page/note, whereas the other one looks as if it got bored of whatever is found in that text before Leto.
The lamp in particular looks really good. It feels quite warm and pleasant in contrast to what the occupants of this room are up to.
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Weeell I wanna say pretty The same words but yours sounds much better that my version, sooo I just say that I agree with you entirely :-3
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Come now xD No harm putting your own thoughts down, even if it sounds similar to someone else's. I'm sure that there's something different about your thoughts on the piece that I may have not covered on ;D
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When a pen is more interesting than what your reading.  Why are text books written by the most boring people?
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yes. very serious. lol
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