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[EF] Guarding

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By the way, the fact that the fehru don't need to drink doesn't mean they can't.

The Master and his wife never travel alone. It's their duty to grab their whole squad with them, because safety first, no matter who provides it.
While the Master negotiates with another very important person who's trying to convince him to stop funding another inhumane business, the squad waits outside, guarding the peace. Technically it's just another waste of time, as it's been almost ten years since the last attempt on the Master's life, so they usually end up doing nothing. Or having fun.

Everfallen (c)jetera

[EF] Brotherly Care by Jetera  [EF] Full House by Jetera  [EF] Posing 3 by Jetera  [EF] Food for Eternity by Jetera
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Awesome work. :D
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So elegant and sophisticated.

Security is not really ever a waste of time.  It only takes one assassination to end a Master.  but you never know when that one will happen.
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That level of details is always so amazing. :D
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Is that horse eating her coat?
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The horsie is asking for a treat :)
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I hope he gets one.
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Beautiful 👏👏👍😍
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The master has a wife?
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Yep, on papers. It's more of a professional union though. 
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Ooh awesome artwork 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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