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[EF] City of Iron, City of Dust

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Squad East-8, command Stop!
Squad East-8, command Pose!
Squad East-8, command Look Pompous!
Squad East-8, record Good Job!

The Songbirds, the oppressors guardians of the city. A-and a piece of the city, district Old-Sky and the Gift square. Still has a gothic vibe to it, reminding of the times when the city was still young and less progressive (i.e before the Master came). Good old times.
Police loves you! 

EverFallen (c)jetera

[EF] Attention by Jetera  [EF] We Build Your Paradise by Jetera  [EF] Songbirds by Jetera
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Really Good artwork, Love it!:love:

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Reminds me a bit of Red October haha xD
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i really like the char design, great work!
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Очень похоже на игру Dishonored 
Люблю твои работы<3
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I love the fact that I just barked those commands aloud as I read the description of this piece. :XD: It makes these units feel more lively than they should be.
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My god, I would love to see how you make backgrounds! They're so detailed and beautiful! :D
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It's a secret process :> Thanks!
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Damn! This is just amazing!
I love everything about this, especially the buildings.
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You’re welcome!
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Maintaining order wherever they go.
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Imagine walking down a street and this happens :XD:
Fantastic poses and background, btw. Makes for an awesome setting
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Nothing to see here, move along! >:U
Thanks :XD:
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