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[EF] Butterfly

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Lazar... Nothing will ever change him. 

[EF] Food for Eternity by Jetera  [EF] the Curious Little Immortal by Jetera  [EF] Posing 2 by Jetera 
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vanillaxbiscuit's avatar
Zey look at the back like: (-_-) What the frick, bro?
Crimslower's avatar
Oh my god... I love you Lazar XD He's... So strange, but vert funny XD
I love your art Jetera ! You managed to make me laugh in any circumstances with this guy XD 
Jetera's avatar
*sniffs* Y'know, you smell pretty... delicious.  

LadyTeaTime's avatar
Running in fear

sav8197's avatar
Lol someone was hungry XD 
TEK427's avatar
Aww. Poor butterfly. 
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
3rd Panel.  He is going to eat it, is he.  4th panel.  Yep, he did.  he ate that little thing.
BadassKittyJedi's avatar
My cat's clearly in good company. XD
MWoIf's avatar
Hmmm Yummy? XD
(For each new art I just love more this guy)
ZackWriter23's avatar
not the first time i've seen someone ate a butterfly. although, considering who the last guy is, i'm pretty sure he was a cannibal.
AFickleBirdie's avatar
I'm w heezing I love this
Arbrecent's avatar
LAZAR MAY BE SCARY but he's so precious omfg
Cinnamon roll killer boi
wolflover1451's avatar
oh my god XD hes so weird and wonderfull
Jetera's avatar
And he knows it! :XD:
Electra-Draganvel's avatar
приятного аппетита =3
Jetera's avatar
Хе-хе, полезный белок :XD:
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