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Pulse Practice Part 2

By JESzasz
 Part two of my attempt get familiar with the Leopard-type Organoid from Zoids Saga-II/Legacy.

 I think I got the head down pat. Not sure about the neck or body though. I also explored the possibility of Pulse's fins acting similar to Zeke's. This led to me exploring what the boosters might look like. It also appeared that in the official artwork, that the underside wasn't completely smooth, but had some sort of structure to it. I decided to make it so that there is also some ventral thrusters there as well, since Zeke has them as well.

 Pulse is probably too small to carry a human, but then again, he is probably way stronger than he looks. Either way, those thrusters are probably important for reaching and fusing with other Zoids.

 Another detail that I added was some vents next to the booster fins, a detail originating from this papercraft model:…, even though it appears that the official artwork lacks this. My guess is that the vents are for getting rid of excess heat created from the boosters.

 My next step with Pulse is to probably make a series of small pose sketches. But I think I'll probably give Pulse a break, and work a little more on Lionshare's head.
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This really kicks ass!

Edit: Zoids Legacy is my favorite Gameboy Advanced game up to date. 
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 Thanks! Yeah, I really loved Zoids Legacy too.