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This is the first in depth explanation of one of my characters and how hell came to be fractured into 8 pieces. Aswell as my 1st attempt at a story so lol here we go.

Many many years ago there was a great and powerful king who ran hell and rumored capable to stand blow to blow with even the gods. He was in control of everybody and everything in the vaste realm of hell. He ruled over the denizens with a brutal iron fist. He would wipe out any and all who dare stand against him with his mighty halberd said to destroy mountains through the raging winds of the shockwaves when he swung it. He had but one arm, piercing firey eyes and scars covered his body head to toe. He was able to summon flames hotter then any of the deepest fire pits of hell. He was a large heavily armored man who even the most fearsome of demons and dragons obey without hesitation less be added to the corpses already accumulated. Very little is known of this mad king for he is very anti social and seems to look upon the rest of the demons and tortured souls as lesser beings almost as if he doesn't belong in even this existence. But this isn't the story of  his many exploits and unbelievable power but a story of how he cam to know bitter defeat.
The king had built up quite a reputation and was hated by the majority of hell due to his ruthless personality. A huge army had amassed outside of his castle. He stood upon the balcony looking down upon a seemingly endless supply of troops  led by 8 very power warriors of hell some decent souls others insanity driven monsters currupted from there millions of years in hell. No matter who it was they all had a reason to stand and risk there very existence and souls to wipe the mad king from the face of reality. Even with an army so far back no eyes could see the end of it.  At this point they still stood absolutely no chance.
In a cloud of fire and brim the king rushed towards the army he would wipe hell out completely if he had to. The tower of his castle falling behind from the shockwave of his exit. He moved faster then any of them could even see. Before the debris even touched the ground the king had destroyed many with just a couple punches. The carcasses being flung into the air around him as he rose up from a mist of blood. A truly terrifying sight to behold "COME YOU PITIFUL FOOLS, IT MATTERS NOT YOUR NUMBERS OR YOUR SIZE" he roared as he would tear a enormous demons horn out and run it through it's head "YOU COULD NEVER MATCH ME IN THE ART OF WAR" as he launched the horn at a group of horrified warriors. The king was ripping the army apart with ease even the most powerful were nothing but a punching bag. The army would begin to dwindle as he mercilessly slaughtered them  with no end in sight.
Suddenly a bright light blinded the king as 9 weapons manifested in the middle of the remnants of the fallen troops.The king sneered "so even after all you've done you still stand against me, DAMN YOU CHRONUS". The king then raised his arm in to air and the legendary halberd appeared in his hand as he swung it easily with his one arm creating powerful winds cutting hundreds in half. The remaining soldiers could feel an incredible aura eminenating from the weapons but actually getting a hold of one was proving to be incredibly difficult as the king would immediately focus any who dared even reach for them. Things still looked grim but now there was a smidgen of hope for them and the king clearly recognized how dangerous the weapons were. In another flash of light there was a figure standing opposite the ferocious king. An immense blinding light radiating from the figure, the king looked at him with rage" that coward sent you for me Osiris. Disgusting" in a speed no eyes could comprehend the king rushed this "Osiris" but unbelievably Osiris managed to hold his own even as the king attacked with his mighty halberd .Osiris would suddenly sprout enormous white wings and shoot a massive gust powerful enough to blow back all the soldiers in the vicinity. Osiris and the king fought a wicked battle almost mesmerizing to see such powerful beings collide but finally the soldiers realized this was there chance they could attain the weapons that appeared before them.
They decided to give the strongest remaining warriors the weapons for as much of a chance as possible. After each weapon was given to the appropriate warriors Osiris just stopped and while breathing heavily clearly starting to faulter he said " I'm sorry... My closest friend" and with that in another flash of light he was gone. He left the remainder of this war to them. It was the final leg of this intense battle. It was The mad king of damned vs 9 of the mightiest warriors in hell. It would still be a bloody battle but now they had the power to atleast stand up to him. The warriors all rushed him at once they matched blows with the  king and the nine of them proving to be a true challenge to him. But slowly they would each begin to faulter the king would launch his halberd pinning one them to a mountain  before teleporting to him and ripping it and shoving it through his face. Another would rush the king from behind only to be caught by the halberd and slammed into the ground cutting him in half leaving 7.  Then 5 would move in at once somehow the king blocked all 5 attacks at once the ground crumbling below his feet. But in blink of an eye the king appeared above them and rocketing  downwards flame shooting from his halberd as he'd land with all his might cutting one in half length wise and rapturing the foundation of hell causing a massive hole and multiple incredibly deep crevices spreading across the entire realm. The explosion would disintegrate the other four letting the ashes be blown away by the wind. The king tiring after such a powerful attack. He'd breathe heavily but suddenly looked down to realized he'd been run through by one of the remaining two soldiers. As the warrior tried to pull away the king would grab his arm and headbutt the soldier and lift him by the face slowly crushing his skull blood squirting from his orifices as the king slowly  would close his hand slowly as the warrior went limp. Then suddenly the final warrior a bloody mess would rush taking both the kings legs and causing him to fall to the ground for the 1st time. The king rolled over to look up at the exhausted warrior who quietly said "any last words, you damned monster". The king coughed and croaked out " I have no regrets" and accepted his demise as the warrior grabbed his weapon and ran him through piercing his heart. He rose to look at the destroyed hell and walked away to search for remaining survivors.
To write more in depth bios of my characters and the world I have created to go with them till I one day try my hand at a story. so every once  in while I'll drop a detailed explanation of a character.