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Hey! Thanks for visiting my page C:
My real name is Katie and I'm a Christian. I'm a freshman in college, I have long light brown hair and blue/green/grey eyes. I love learning about nutrition and how food effects the body. I am studying to be a dietitian. (:
I am a big fan of Final Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I enjoy watching anime and reading manga. The Sailor Moon manga will always be my favorite. <3
I'm very conservative and enjoy spending time alone. It does not mean I do not like people, but if I'm around people 24/7 I can become a very grumpy person although I do try not to show it. (:
dA if full of great people and it has been a privilege to meet so many beautiful people. I love you guys! God loves you even more! <33

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Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
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Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VII
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Hello to my new and old watchers, thank you for me supporting me. I really do appreciate it. I also can come to dA and find encouragement. There are so many good and honorable people on here. It's one of the reasons I love dA so much. For those who don't know, my name is Katie and I'm a Christian and that is what my journal is going to be about today. I will tell you my story of how I came to know God. And just so we're clear the God I speak of is the God of the Bible and of Christians. I grew up in the Mennonite Brethren church (we're basically the same as baptists, in fact we don't know what the difference between baptists and Mennonite b
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It's been soooo long. Gah, I'm so bad at keeping up with things. :P I will answer my messages over the next few days! Now on to the actual topic of this journal. If you haven't seen Legend of Korra, go watch it!! And Avatar: The Last Airbender!! They are the most amazing shows ever created! :happybounce: And before I get to my reactions to the entire show and finale, I must rant a little bit. What is the deal with all the hate on Korra?! At least it seems to me like there is a lot going around. I've enjoyed the show so much, I don't understand. Good grief, it was originally only going to be a mini series, one season, 12 episodes, that will
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It's been too long...I miss interacting with people here on dA. *sniff* *sniff* And I haven't been feeling very creative lately either which explains the lack of me submitting anything. Otherwise life is good but busy. And I really really want to play FFXIII-2 but my brother has the game and his PS3 at college so I have to wait until spring break. Grrr. And Legend of Korra!! I'm so excited!! I just wish they would tell us a release date and get the series airing. There have been so many leaks from the first episode they might as well have already aired it. :/ SOPA...I don't know where the mess with that currently is but I hope with all my
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So glad to meet a fellow Christian! I also love Lord of the Rings!
You know, Interestingly enough, Avatar, TLa (the first series) has some interesting Christian themes in it. Zuko is easily the prodigal son, in that he's trying to seek power and the world, while he is turning his back on Uncle, who is offering a better, happy life. I really like how they kinda turn the story on its head by having Zuko returning home be the wrong choice and being in exile the right path. Also, when Azula shoots Aang and Katara holds him, It looks just like Mary and the broken body of Christ, interesting eh?
just curious,
(i'm not one of those pro liberal haters, i'm a conservative christian)

what was your stance on the ending and how did you handle it?

my stance was that it was choppy, random, one sided, very leftist, and had no place in an action show, if the show was a satire or allegory for politics, than i wouldn't be saying anything, but touchy subjects in my opinion have no place on a kids show, i handled it by kicking the series to the curb, when something is offending me, i just get away from it,

how did you handle it, and if you disagree with my opinion that's fine, i don't judge, it's not my job. anyway, just wanted to know how you felt about the ending?
Hello! Since I don't agree with the lifestyle I did not like the ending. However, considering the push for the acceptance of gay marriage in the US I am not surprised this happened. Our society is pushing for the acceptance of the gay lifestyle and one way to accomplish this is through it being represented in TV shows. Unfortunately I believe gay marriage is going to be common place so gay relationships are going to become a prominent part of the media. 
I could see the beginnings of Korrasami in book 3. Although I had hoped they would keep it as a strong friendship I knew that it was a possibility they would turn it into a romantic relationship. Even though it is a touchy subject as you said I think it is more accepted now more than ever. Those opposed to the gay lifestyle are in the minority now therefore making it easier to do something like that. The ending almost ruined the series for me, it does leave a rather bitter taste in my mouth. However I do love the series minus that ending so I'm just kind of ignoring it so I can enjoy the rest of it. So basically I'm handling it by pretending it didn't happen lol. Those are my thoughts, take them with a grain of salt. Thanks for commenting and sorry for the lengthy response. Have a good day!
oh this is exactly how i feel, and i don't mind a long response at all, and the creators are being very narrow minded about the criticism, 

my female lead in my novel(a border collie), has an interesting full name, she is raised hindu in new dheli by her parents and her full name is Kuvira "Kali" Puri. and that was her name before kuvira the uniter came along. 
I wanted to say I hated the ending as well. Its just really sad how the Creators did it just so they could be called progressive. And the worst part is, everyone on Tumblr adores them. While clearly there was very little buildup, despite what Bryke said, I had a feeling they would pull something like this. While, I thought the show itself fairly bad compared to the original, I felt like I wouldn't have anything to really be upset about had they just ended it with Korra and Ternzin, it would have at least fit.
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