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it cant be, cats don't read maps or signs

hello everybody, im working on this project. Making the First Chapter of Harry potter and the philosopher's stone ilustrated. this is one of the frist drawings i felt like doing.
the next step is making a combination of my drawings with the audio book and uploading it to you tube.
i will upload all the drawings so you guys can download it for free.
what i ask in exchange, only if you can. . . a small collaboration or donation to continue with this project. it could be as low as 1$ on amazon gift card or some Deviant art points. if you want to write me,
if you want to add me on Twitter: @jesuscristter
thanks a lot for helping, have a great day Harry potter Fan!
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You're welcome!
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I find it so weird that this beauty has ~30 faves, while your photo-reference with Candice S. has over 3000. But anyway, beautiful painting! :heart:
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haha yes. well. is candice!  thanks very much for your comment!
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Oh, that's awesome! I love this scene in the book ^^
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me too. im going to do something really deep on this project. i hope you like the rest of the paintings. 
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That's great! Keep on! I'm looking forward to your work! :)
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~TheGeekCanPaint has a very similar project. He is currently working on the second book and is trying to get his version printed officially into a version of Harry Potter.
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wow. . thanks man. i didnt know this guy! its awesome! i hope he gets that done =) thanks 
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haha i love THIS!!!
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thanks a lot =) are you an HP fan?
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yes, i'm actually reading the second book right now!
i watched the movies first and then notice it was a big mistake even though they are awesome
but the books have many more details!
am a potterhead all the way!
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how did you find this image? =p 
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i like it! is really cool!
i wouldn't want it anyother way is perfect!
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