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September 1, 2012
Rangers First time by ~genesisa
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Rangers First time (Megazord)



this is rangers first time use of the Megazord.
i hope you enjoy it. the idea was to take out the childish feeling of it. and make it more beliaveable . like michael bay did with transformers

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just imagine this picture with metall reflects and in hd Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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haha i can imagine =p 
Art work like this shows not only why this franchise should be an anime, but also it is possibly more mature in nature.
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Making Power Rangers into an anime would be a cultural adaptation of a cultural adaptation. The Power Rangers franchise was based off of the "Super Sentai" franchise, a Japanese series. Giant robots are kind of Japan's thing anyway. But I do see your point. However, in terms of how mature it should be, I personally find the overall silliness of the franchise to be endearing. If you still want some plot meat in your Power Rangers diet, though, look up the SPD series. It had some decent plot, as I recall.
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thank you very much for that comment is very specific =) i appreciate it! please help me grow my instagram at…
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Music links broken.
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aww yes.. that happens =S im sorry
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thanks a lot! =) please help me grow my instagram…
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you are awesome! for taking the time saying it was awesome =p 
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Holy WOW, that is a badass design. :D I love it!
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wow thanks very much for this comment! i really appreciate it! please join me at instagram if you want =)…
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Proportions feel a bit off, like the lower arm vs the upper arm, but that might be the perspective here.
Well done!
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you are probably right. i did this painting like 6 or 7 years ago i think. lol , please join me at instagram ,… your critiques will be well received. 
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WHY ISN'T THIS THE 2017 MEGAZORD! I've seen what they're going with, and it's CRAP compared to this!
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omg thanks! what a great comment! it made my day! =) i liked the movie tho.. until they become rangers lol please join me at intagram if you havent please…
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The building can actually support the weight of that zord.
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haha thats a very arquitectual point of view of that image. thanks for the comment! please join me at instagram if you want…
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"Just a normal day." A kid tells his friends.
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thank you very much! 
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I love the image! I just started looking at some of your youtube tutorials as well. Wonderful art and excellent instruction. Thank you for sharing and showing your workflow Clap :happybounce: 
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thank you very much!  for this comment! made my day! sometime people goes the other way, heavily with critics. 
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