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Many Christians in deviantart are working or worked on different projects. This journal will feature those that make comics or manga either to tell a story or just to present a bible verse. Some are already finished others are still in progress so keep them in your prayers so God can work through them and many hearts can be reached.

If you know a Christian artist that wasn’t featured here please present their work on the comments :la:

Check out the rules on how to propose the projects to be featured HERE

Illustrated bible stories

by jonah-onix

Book Of Mark Comic

by Poporetto

The Word

by MerrymanComics

The Story of Jesus

by: PrisonerOnEarth

Rose of Sharon

by Haleviyah

“A three part story, Rose of Sharon is the story of God King Yeshua from the perspective of His angels and the demons that dare come against them. The tale stretches from before Genesis and deep into the book of Revelation where the epic final battle takes place.”

Part 1: Sunset of Paradise
This is the entire first half of the Holy Bible of how Mankind falls from grace being tormented by Satan and their wrong doings, but watched over and taken care of by YHWH. Not only is mankind tested but the Heavens as well. While Yeshua deals with the agony of being separated from His Beloved, the angels' limits are also being tested. Goes to show you that they aren't perfect like we think they are. Along with that Sataniel and the other demons are pulling a lot of stunts to get Man to worship them instead of YHWH, disguising themselves as false gods, thirsty for blood and sin. Tensions will finally build into the greatest event of all history.

:thumb616478141: Preface by Haleviyah :thumb606064856: :thumb606069245:

Soul Winning

by Rashad97

At the age of 9, a boy hardens his heart towards God after his mother died in a plane crash coming home from missionary works. With him being to young to understand how God works. God is accused of killing his mother. He then gets into some trouble that only God can get him out of. At 15 his life changes forever as he accepts the Lord's will and his way.

The watchman:

by Catluckey

On the hidden planet, Shatazar, Delah, falsely named princess and her cousin Teeabu, newly-ordained priest turned warrior, live under the powerful rule of the Watchman of Araidia. Given a mission to eradicate poisonous plants, Delah meets a boy from Earth who turns their lives upside down.

Slum Shoes

by: ArtNGame215

A young teen boy living in the slums somewhere in Asia, (based off the Philippines) helping himself and his family get by, gets a pair of expensive sneakers for his birthday and things get more interesting.

Slum Shoes is my newest Christian comic which shows the struggles of being poor, but also finding ways to survive, have fun, learning about faith, dealing with different problems and more. There will be plenty of action, drama, some comedy and social commentary. I hope everyone enjoys it.

The Last Phase

by: marcosjoel777

Journey through the life of Dylan, Mikaela, and Zanda as they grow up and become Evangelical Christians going through events of the Biblical Apocalypse. (No, this doesn't mean that everything that happens here is what the Bible says. It means that some big-scale events, certain plot-related stuff, and the main plot are either symbolical or/and literal representations of what the Bible says for the end of days, as well as some ideas, messages and characters and their motivations.)

The Story is titled: The Last Phase
(TLP: Sword Against Shield -1st book)
(TLP: Image of the Beast - will be the 2nd book)
(TLP: Terminus - will be the 3rd book)

You can start reading it HERE!


by: mayshing

2Masters is a fantasy warfare series, in a world ruled by two supreme Masters, Masters of Heaven, who represents the spirit of freedom and love, and Master of Earth who is the master of wealth and power.
The Two Masters fight one another and provides completely different philosophies for the living, and humans who follow them are granted powers. Thus creating a never ending world war…

Originally it was inspired by a visionary book by Rick Joyner, “The Final Quest” and later the development is based more on one line: “You can’t serve God and Money. One person can’t have two masters”  That’s when 2Masters got it’s official title.

You can start reading it HERE!


Skin by SimplySilent
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mayshing Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2017  Professional Filmographer
thank you for the feature!
marcosjoel777 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the feature!! All I've ever wanted was to get the story out there, preach the Gospel in comic book style.
This helps a lot! So, thank you! May the Lord keep blessing y'all deeply!
Poporetto Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2017   Digital Artist
Ahh thank you so much for the feature :)!! God bless you!
PrisonerOnEarth Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the props, you've done a good thing here Clap 
Haleviyah Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
I just got to say this, I appreciate the support and I am honoured you all enjoy it so far; but please I don't want anyone to read "Rose of Sharon" just because Yeshua (Jesus) is in it and narrate the whole thing. Don't read "Rose of Sharon" just because it shows the angels, or the fact the art is gorgeous, or the story is good (so far).

You all may see the comic as tame and friendly now, but later on - if the Lord tells me to continue - it will get GRAPHIC - and I mean NC-17 rated graphic. And I guarantee a majority of you all are not going to like it. Why? Because "Rose of Sharon" is so dedicated to stick with the Bible and other God-inspired writings so much, we are willing to not let the littlest detail out!

The reason why "Rose of Sharon" is submitted to groups such as this, is because the church of America needs more exposure to the reality of the Scripture and the spiritual world more; to teach how we can still learn valuable lessons without watering down and censoring so much from Scripture! That's all.

Again I appreciate that you all are enjoying it so far, but I am letting you all know the real intentions of this comic: it's not to glorify what I can do, it's not about just talking about Jesus and that's it, and it's not blind entertainment either. It's about emphasising what God has already done, emphasis the people involved just as much as God, clarifying what religion has distorted by the guidance of the Word of God, and helping others exercise that imagination so they can better understand His Word.

Thanks again.
Catluckey Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Also mukimillia.deviantart.com/ has some great pictures with scripture too. Don't know if you checked her out!
GQJesus by Mukimillia
Catluckey Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Ohhhh, this is beautiful! I love the many diverse Christian artists showcased here. I'm definitely bookmarking this. And I'll keep in mind pray and run by any that haven't been featured here yet. This is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for featuring mines too.

Here's one person that's working on a continuous project...it's a wonderful story called "The Masquerade" by bbqbert! Masquerade: Chapter 01, Page 03 by bbqbert
bbqbert Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool listing. And thank you for the kind words, darling~~~ You are the most amazing, incredible and awesome person alive!! You are always tooting the horns of other people, building others up, and encouraging like crazy!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! I love you to pieces!!
Catluckey Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
:iconaawplz: And you, sister, are too sweet! But I like it that way! U-welcome and I luv ya to pieces too!
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