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Deviation Actions

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Q:How do I join?

A: Press the Join Our Group Button.

Please put the Jesus-loves-you icon into your journal's main page, so that other people may know that we exist. Like this : iconjesus-loves-you : (without the spaces) OR You can install the "GROUP" widget on your profile's main page, this updates your groups automatically.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian to join?

A: No. Anyone can join

Q: What can a member do?

A: You can suggest pieces for the group’s faves collections. Submit deviations. Answer comments, give ideas. You can request prayers and invite friends to the group. We have other activities for members, like contests and choosing the christian artist of the month (CAOM)
Click here to find more activities for members

Q: What are contributors (Admins) and what is their job?

A: Contributors can do all the things the members can do and more. They can:
--- Process submissions
--- Accept or deny favorite's suggestions
--- Answer member’s comments and notes
--- Create journals
--- Give suggestions and ideas regarding the structure and functions of the group,
--- Have an active role in the decision-making moments of the group’s activities
--- Address group related issues
--- Choose deviations to be posted in the featured gallery

Q: Can I join as a contributor? How can I do it?

A: We are not currently looking, please keep an eye open though, as we may request more contributors later on. ;) Thankyou!

Q: How do I submit a deviation into the group?

A: To submit a deviation you have to click on “Contribute Art”. You will find several folders. Pick the appropriate one and then click on "Submit to this folder".

Group Tutorial: Submitting Art by CanineHybrid

Please make sure that your deviation follows all the required rules of dA--> Copyright Policy , Policies

Read this before you submit:



Q: What is the submissions limit?

A: 4 devs per day

Q: Are there any submission guidelines?

A: Yes,

There you can find everything related to gallery submissions.

Q: Why can't I submit anything to the Featured Gallery?

A: The submissions to the 'Featured Gallery' are closed. At the end of every month we (the admins) choose the best 2 works from each gallery and then we post them in the featured gallery.

Q: Can I suggest a favorite?

A: Yes. Anyone can submit deviations to the favorites. The deviations can be made by anyone, but they have to be Christ-centric or of an appropriate theme for this group.

Q: How do I suggest a favorite?

A: You can go to the favorites gallery and then hit the Suggest a Favourite button at the top right of the page and select the deviation.

Q: I want others to know that I’m part of your group. How do I do this?

A:  Install the group widget. You don’t need to be a premium member to install it.

Install: Groups widget by Mighnight-wish

Q: I have a Christian contest going on. Can you help promote it?

A: Sure! Send us a note with the following info:
--- Contest name
--- The start-date of the contest (it doesn’t apply if your contest already started)
--- Contest deadline
--- A link to the contest journal and/or the contest article.

Q: I have a contest going on but it’s not a Christian contest. Can you help promote it?

A: No, I’m sorry but this is a Christian club.
To promote your contest you can go here: Deviant-Contests TheContestClub contestclub

Q: Would you like to affiliate with my Christian club or group?

A: Sure.
If you're a group just send us an affiliations request
And if you have a club send a note with the club's name. All we ask is that you add our icon to your club page as well.

How to send and affiliation request
and How to install the affiliates widget
Groups' Affiliation Widget by Mighnight-wish

Q: What happens once we're affiliated with your group?

A: Your group's member will be able to submit deviations to our group. But there's a limit of 1 deviation per month. and their submissions to our gallery have to follow our submissions guidelines.

Q: I don't have a Christian related group, can we still be affiliates?

A: That depends, if it's a group with a positive focus, (for example a group pro-life, against violence etc) we can be affiliates. You can always send us a note if you have doubts.

Q: How can I be selected for "Christian Artist of the Month"?

A: You can nominate yourself or a fellow member of the group.
The CAOM nominee:
--- Must be a member of the group
--- Must have at least one Christian artwork in his/her gallery.
--- Must be active in the group

Here are the instructions on how to do it

Christian Artist Of The Month
The first day or week of every month we will announce the Christian Artist of the month (taking into consideration the past month). A deviation of this person will be featured for an entire month in our front page.
You can nominate yourself or a fellow member of the group.
:bulletgreen: The Christian Artist of the Month: :bulletgreen:
--- Must be a member of the group
--- Must have at least one Christian artwork in his/her gallery.
--- Must be active in the group
Activity on the group can be measured with:
--Comments in the prayer journal, devotionals, or in the front page
--Submits deviations regularly
--Favs or Comments on deviations submitted
:bulletgreen: The deviation to feature in the front page: :bulletgreen:
---Must be a Christian artwork
---Must follow our submission guidelines  
---Doesn’t need to be submitted to our gallery
:bulletgreen: How to suggest a CAOM:bulletgreen:
Send us a note. ONLY A NO

Q: "I don't like the amount of Deviation notifications! How can I fix this without leaving the group?"

A: Please don't leave the group because of the notifications. They come as a single stack that can be deleted, but this is how to turn them off: Click Watching, uncheck the box that says Deviations and click Save

Q: How do I leave the group?

A:  =(  here's a tutorial on how to do it --> Group Tutorial: How To Leave A Group by itz-Cindyrella

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How does one be selected for "Christian Artist of the Month"?