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My L cosplay

By Jesuke
i was doing L for this studio shoot
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488x734px 235.5 KB
Canon EOS-1DS
Shutter Speed
1/128 second
Focal Length
85 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Aug 13, 2006, 3:06:01 PM
© 2006 - 2021 Jesuke
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Amazing cospLay
Thinking L Cake for Shifteh  
PCamenzind's avatar
Awesome coplay!
danny-navii's avatar
I am so gonna attempt to copy this for next cosplay :3
Ihatenateriver's avatar
Question:Why does the right foot on the ground?
Answer:Gravity XD
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Kurolette-chan's avatar
I would love to be taking that photo...
merceny35's avatar
kyaaaaaa!!!!! kawaiiiiii!!!!! >:3 :squee:
Skibble1994's avatar
sweet, this is so cool
i love it you look just like L
expression, pose, clothes, everything
i love it
KalteEinsamkeit's avatar
The hair's so good! I really need help! how did you do it???
Tigerach's avatar
Teehee! So cute! :D
beatleschick13's avatar
im going to cosplay as L at kamoricon and i have blue eyes, im wondering do i HAVE to get black iris contact lenses? pleez tell me before august. thanks
HatenaNinetailfx's avatar
No you don't~As long as you have fun with cosplay the what's the point with spending all your money on those types of things?If it's ONLY for a photo shoot then it's understandable but I have blue eyes AND braces and no one had a problem with it~So do what you want to do~^^ Have fun at your convention~
beatleschick13's avatar
thank you so much now i can breathe
HatenaNinetailfx's avatar
No prob~Everything NEVER EVER has to be EXACT.Unless you want to have contacts~Everything is your choice when it comes to cosplaying~
DarKingdomHearts's avatar
Really cool! I hate my curly hair, trying to grow it longer, style it and just have L's haircut as my regular haircut
thunderstorm151's avatar
i found this on google images.. awssome i love this. u look EXACTLY like him!!!
immaggienation's avatar
Can I ask how you did your hair? >.<"
thunderstorm151's avatar
^im guessing LOOOTTTSSSS of hairspray
immaggienation's avatar
lol, my hair doesn't really respond to hairspray >.>
thunderstorm151's avatar
O.O but wigs are ichhhyyyy... im sure you could find some really strong hairspray somewhere that will work.. might be expensive tho lol xD
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