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Navi - Hey! Listen!



Created in Sprite Something.
Frame size: 50 x 50

First free handed sprite. (Meaning no guide or reference at all)

Yes. I joined the Navi bandwagon. In actuality, I never was too bothered by her. At least, not till after I saw all the Internet stuff about her. When I was a child, I loved Navi! She was a blue ball of light with wings! I used to mimic her one worded phrases. My favorites were her "Hello~" and "Watch out!" (Oh look. I guess two words were her limit) I like her voice, so I never minded her talking.

I figured out the size limit for icons. She can be used, but please ask and give credit. :)

Other icons/emotes by me: Pikachu Yellow Version Pika Box- Joy Luca - Wife Induced Blush Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow 

Navi is from The Legend of Zelda franchise which is owned by Nintendo.
Sprite belongs to me.
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I can't stand navi...