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Navi - Hey! Listen!

Created in Sprite Something.
Frame size: 50 x 50

First free handed sprite. (Meaning no guide or reference at all)

Yes. I joined the Navi bandwagon. In actuality, I never was too bothered by her. At least, not till after I saw all the Internet stuff about her. When I was a child, I loved Navi! She was a blue ball of light with wings! I used to mimic her one worded phrases. My favorites were her "Hello~" and "Watch out!" (Oh look. I guess two words were her limit) I like her voice, so I never minded her talking.

I figured out the size limit for icons. She can be used, but please ask and give credit. :)

Other icons/emotes by me: Pikachu Yellow Version Pika Box- Joy Luca - Wife Induced Blush Pikachu mini sprite - Pokemon Yellow 

Navi is from The Legend of Zelda franchise which is owned by Nintendo.
Sprite belongs to me.
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I can't stand navi...
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This is cute! I know, like, NOTHING about LoZ, but Navi's design is cool. ;u; You did a good job with the speech bubbles and lettering!! And the wings and teeny sparkles and everything.


(I actually made my new icon on Sprite Something! That app is great; thanks for recommending it. ;u; )

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You're missing out on one of the best video game franchises. (Unless you're not big in video games. I'm a nerd. *looks at icon...*)

It is. She's so simple, and I love it. Yeah. She's just 3 frames.

I saw the icon. Threw me off at first. (Since I rely heavily on pictures to identify people) ^^;
Awesome! I'm so glad you're enjoying it! It is so much fun. I can't seem to stop. Anyway, I like your icon. Are they antlers or a branch? (The flame animation kinda looks backwards. Like, the tip is leading the bottom, instead of vise versa)
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I'm not actually big on video games haha. ^^; But i don't doubt that it's good!
Just 3? Cool!

Ahh, yeah, sorry! (I do the same!)
They're the antlers of a new OC, End. He's kind of like a satyr, but half deer instead of half goat. His antlers arch up and behind his head, and connect at the tips. He keeps a candle there because it's mystic-looking. xD
Oh my gosh, youre right!! Thank you so much for pointing that out!! I animated it like that on purpose, not realizing that it wasnt how flames worked ... |D i just got off Safari and rearranged the frames so that it's correct. I have a couple more things i've been meaning to edit, so after i fix those bits as well i'll upload the fixed version. Thanks for pointing that out!
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I used to think she was saying 'What's up' instead of 'watch out', but in hindsight that seems sort of stupid.
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Naw, I can see how'd it sound like that. There are many things that I always thought was one way, and never really thought about how it would fit in context. XD
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yay for mondegreens
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lol this is great.
I can hear her voice in my head XD
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Thank you~
Right! XD
(I assume you've played Zelda then? That's awesome.) :D
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Maybe too much XD
When I do dishes I play in my head.
My ringtone is the Zelda theme, my Rat's name is Zora and Zelda <3
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Oh wow! XD
(That's right. You did name them those) 

Do you have the Majora's Mask soundtrack? It was one of the prizes for being a platinum Nintendo Club member. Goodness! It was in such high demand, that I had to wait at least half a year before Nintendo could mail my order. Kinda wish it was just on iTunes. Would have been easier. (Then again, the case is pretty sweet.)
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I laid down to bed and remembered I was wearing a Link shirt while typing all of that yesterday lol.

Nope, I wouldn't mind having that though XD
I am not a huge Nintendo person, only a hand full of games I play.

Really awesome that you got the sound track! :D
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I actually like Navi, she was helpful sometimes XD Heck, I kinda had a problem with not noticing her, and died to a Wallmaster because I skipped her warning *bricked* (Stupid Forest Temple XD)

I think people tend to overreact about Navi being annoying, because I think she's adorable c: Her little "Hello~"s were adorable as well X3 nice to see someone not complaining about her for once~!

A rather adorable icon, I see you've really picked up a liking for pixeling :giggle:
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Hey! I had that problem too! I guess we just learned to ignore her. So, she never could get annoying. :D


Yeah. It's the Internet. If a few people say she's annoying, then everyone will ride the bandwagon. :shrug:

Heheh. Was been in the mood. Still can't do my own characters yet. (Attempted doing a Jestloo version of the Pika Box. Didn't work out.) Still need more practice. :)
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First freehand sprite?  Cool.  :)
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Getting better. :D

(Unfortunately, that's all from me tonight. I got to get up early. Just like me to not respond to notes for days...) ^^;
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