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Jealousy in a Tango'd Teardrop

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Medium: Charcoal on Paper
Paper Weight: 110 Ibs. 25% cotton.
Charcoal Pencils: HB, B, 3B and Chalk for highlighting.
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SlurrinHabituallyHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Teardrops that Tango: I would really like to talk to you about a piece of your art, the tango in eye. It's WONDERFUL! I would really, really love to speak with you about using YOUR art over the professional I have right now! Your art closely matches a survival autobiography available worldwide in 3/2015. Hardcover and paper flapped.
I'm looking for one extra "touch." The tango inside the teardrop. If you are interested in this venture with me, all I would ask you is if there was any way to make that eye look a tad more feminine? As I am a woman ;) A splash of color? If not, I am still interested in your art. More about me:…Of course, I can/will give you credit within my novel as the graphic artist... I am for real! Please visit my public page on Facebook: Heather Combs "Teardrops that Tango" Twitter: Heather Combs Ds Mom
E mail: 
Heather Combs
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SkyeRavenHelliquinnHobbyist General Artist
Wow. I just stumbled upon this while browsing Google. This is original, brilliant, and beautifully detailed. Gorgeous.
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Bea-VoyagerHobbyist General Artist
I've been looking for the original artist for this all year D: Happy I've finally found you!
I love the idea and it looks great :heart:
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ErlanceHobbyist Digital Artist
Me, too!!! I keep doing a google reverse image search, and always find pinterest boards. So I decided to add 'deviantart' to the search box, and I finally found it!! This is breathtaking piece of art. One of my favorites by far.Love 
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Bea-VoyagerHobbyist General Artist
Yeah, a friend found it on Pinterest, showed it to me during our photography class where we were finding references for that year's portfolio and I got so annoyed not being able to find the original (and that so many people hadn't bothered to give credit)!   I did reverse image searches using Google and Tineye (I didn't think to add 'deviantart' :P ) but only stumbled upon it here 5 months later. D:
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ErlanceHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, it really sucks how if you want to find the real artist, it's so hard!! There are so many works of art that I have yet to find the original artists of. It's really sad that no one cares enough :(
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I simply love it
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FranzybelleHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanking imgur for showing me this incredible piece!
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This is incredible! O.O
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I feel bad for the girl. but That is so cool very creative never would of thought of it
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FractalvisionProfessional Traditional Artist
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DeadessenceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful work.
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tionnahemcraeHobbyist Photographer
I love this <3
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artfanatic8503Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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sooooo coooool!
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ShadowQueen64Student Artist
Very well done. i love it!
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MiedhsekadhseHobbyist Traditional Artist
Even without the dancing couple I could figure out this one as jealousy... i really love the expression. I can imagine how her eyes become darker and what she must be thinking at the very moment. Nice work (:
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AmandaUlfricaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, you did a magnificent job of capturing the scene within the eye's reflection!
this is awesome!!!!!!! you can really tell that the scene is really hurting them </3
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XopherSeussHobbyist Digital Artist
very nice charcoal piece
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