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[F2U] Crown

Hello everyone! My name is DanceOfAngels or for short Jest, Mama Jest or Ham Ham. I don't have much to say other than, I'm simply here to share what I do and just have a good time like other deviants. Deviantart has been a wonderful place for me to reside in for last 10 years and I hope that when its my official time to leave this website, I'v done enough to influence and leave behind a minor yet fun legacy that may inspire or help other people in some shape or form.

My artistic works are a huge part of me and often describe who I am as well. I put a bit of me into every character or story I may create along side Promptus who has been a phenomenal eloquent inventive partner to me through out these years.

She and I have created multiple works together but the most outstanding one of them all is our current project named The Umbra Series. If you wish to follow the series and learn more about it, make sure to join The-Umbra-Series

Even The Brightest of Stars Can be Deceiving

Gray Version Mik

Candy Pop

Just a brief little reminder for new people or people who doesn't know. Yes, I am Candy Pop's creator. However, I think is important for a lot of people to know, I left creepypasta a long, long time ago and moved on to work on my very own horror series which I have titled; The Umbra Series. If you wish to know more about Candy Pop, regarding his story for either his pasta ver or Umbra ver, feel free to note me about it. Thank you!

Husbando box

FF14 Zenos yae Galvus
[TW] The moray eel cave
[TW] Idia Shroud

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Random thought born of sleep deprivation: if the Hierarchy was led by Ba'al instead of Mikhail, would it be called the Oligarchy instead?

Mama-DevilStudent Traditional Artist
//slaps peens on your page

>: OOO

When are we going to get a pic of Anonymungus taking everyone to Disneyland? Vlade, Hakan, etc need their childhoods remedied NOW, gosh diddly darn it!

Do you know anyone who could be commissioned to draw a pic of Nova, Ham Ham Queen? Could you do it, even? :000

DanceOfAngelsStudent Digital Artist

Sadly, i don't have the time for commissions since im working on my own characters and doing so takes up my time.


if you don't mind, could you calm down a bit when messaging me. Is just I receive so many notifications at once from other people it tends to pile up and is hard to read what they send, not to mention whatever you send me can be buried.

So if its possible, which I would highly appreciate, message me once per deviation and on my page, once every 4-5 days. >_> cus otherwise, you would be spamming a little too much on a daily **Pulls you by the ears** > : O

AAAAAAAAAAAAH sorry Ham Ham Queen, Mama Jesty, whatever other name you call yourself in other circles, my memory sucks bawls so I keep forgetting if I've sent stuff :'D literally, my teeth actually give me headaches now because I keep forgetting to brush them...

I have problems ;w; I'll write myself a note so I can remember, BUT JOKE'S ON YOU, I DON'T HAVE EARS... I THINK... MAYBE... DO I? I DON'T KNOW, I'M RAMBLING AGAIN, SO I'LL END THE COMMENT NOW

thanx for the faves