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In a castle in Ireland
There lived a fair princess
Her eyes could stare into souls
Her lips radiated with warmth
Her hair soft
Her skin gentle and sweet
She lived a life sheltered from the world
No soul ever looked upon her
Aside from other residents of the castle
She grew sad
Because no one told her of her beauty

Late one night a visitior came to the castle
His knocks echoed through the castle
The Princess awoke from her sleep
She glided like an angel down the steps
She opened the door the visitor stood there
He looked at the ground and spoke
"I beg your pardon could you perhaps direct me to...."
His eyes moved up past her body to her face
He began to speak
Unable to speak straight and look into her loving eyes
He looked down again and spoke
"an inn for the night."

The Princess looked at this young man
Eyeing him carefully she beckoned him in
"Stay here the night, sleep in a guest room."
The visitor was shocked
"Madam you are as kind as you are beautiful."
The Princess never hearing anyone call her beautiful thanked him
The night was long
The visitor sturred all night
Dreaming of looking on the Princess once more

The visitor left early the next day
Before the princess awoke
The Princess woke up and wondered where the visitor had gone
Not knowing the princess sat down to breakfast
Saddned for the only person to speak of her beauty was gone
A knock came to the door
The Princess ran to the door
She slung the door open
There stood the visitor
He had flowers in his hands

Months passed by
The two grew in love
Time had however pulled them apart
The Princess sent him away
Months more passed by
Late one night a knock came
The Princess opened the door
The Visitor was there
He had another bouquet of flowers
He looked up at her and spoke
"I still love you. Do you love me?"
The Princess looked at him
She either smiled or smerked
She looked him in the eyes and spoke
I can't love you anymore the sound of it scares me...
A poem about a man who visits a princess.
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May 19, 2004
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