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You are only a few clicks away. And I can't type to you. You'll get angry. You are only a few dials away on my telephone and I can't dial to you. You are only 80 miles away but I can't drive to you because you won't let me. There are more than eighteen questions and at least twenty things left unsaid. It is so hard for me not to call you and tell you all how much I love you. To tell you that no matter how great your sorrow, I will be there to catch you before you fall. And if it is impossible to catch you before the fall, I will help you back up. I want to be there for you. I want you to be there for me. I care about you more than I will ever be able to tell you. I think about you all the time. Your name echo’s through my heart all day. You are my first and last thought of the day. And on more than once occasion you have been in my dreams as well. I wish I knew if you thought about me as much I thought about you…. I can’t help it that you are always on my mind. You mean so much to me… I... I am lost without you...
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Rainywolf Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2004
I'm surprised to see that no one has replied to this. Maybe this is meant to convey helplessness and maybe not, but that's what I get out of it. Very nice work.
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2004
I wrote that about my ex-girlfriend. She did respond to it, just not over DA
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August 10, 2004
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