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This is a crazy story, I type but sure enough as I am over three centuries old. My name is Caine de Coupe-Jarret. It is not crazy, I am the undead this little log is a summary of a larger one written over two centuries. This is my log, for tomorrow I may be killed by those who hunt me, or have a wooden steak through my cold heart. This is my story take of it what you will...
I grew up locked in a home with my brother Christophe. Never loved, never wanted, I took up the name "Douleur" and played in a forest of broken dreams. There I learned how free my brother wished to be, and how lonely I was to be. When I was little I discovered father worshipped a devil, I however did not worship the Devil or God. I wanted so bad to belong with my father that I made myself believe in a devil, made myself believe as father.
Soon father wished to leave or group of devil-worshippping called "The Circle" Though I never believed the talk of Satan, I had to kill father, for the group had more support than father ever had. As a father he failed, but as a leader of a group of Satan lovers he rose like a rocket, but as the saying by Thomas Paine goes, "As he rose like a rocket, he fell like a stick." I kept telling myself he had to die, he had to die, but I could not get it out of my mind that I killed one I loved so dearly. I came to two choices, one stay and live sad, or two leave forever.
I fled the area, knowing full well if I was found I would de killed. I told myself I would live a life full of joy, for fathers sake. The first place I went was Paris, unlike most, looking at the churches or whatever else normal people looked at, I looked at graveyards.
I loved sorrow and it loved me, I enjoyed being near all these dead people. I found a graveyard built a hundred years before I was even born. This graveyard would soon change my sad life. Upon entering I noticed two men in black robes, similar to one I had worn long ago, upon approaching them they vanished. I walked closer, on my left were tombstones, to my right was a catacomb. I entered, there were ten steps, on the wall near the last step was a torch, lucky me it was already lit. I grabbed it and went deep into the cave, the farther I went the more the smell of the dead made me gag. As I went deeper, the tombs were open and the bodies were not there. I became very fearful, I turned, and everything went black...
When I awoke I was on a stone bed, near me were two figures. They wore black robes, one of them approached me. He stopped and removed his hood. I looked up and shouted with such joy, "Christophe, Christophe, brother you are alive!"
"Yes Caine, I am alive, I have been following you ever since I left forever. My love for you was to great to turn you away, brother we are one, and now I shall make you as I am."
"What are you talking about Christophe, you say I was crazy, you talk like a mad man now."
"Ah Caine, Caine, I am undead, I am a vampire, I can make you as I am. Do you wish for me to bring you over to this side, my strange brother."
"If you spoke of the possible I would gladly let you turn me into a vampire."
He moved over to me closer, and leaned forward and bit into my neck. I moaned, and then it all went black again. I awoke with Christophe's blood flowing into my mouth, I felt so strong.
I slept after that, on the third night, I awoke, and I could do what I wished. Whatever I willed I could do. I glided out to Christophe, he looked up and laughed as he spoke, "Let us go hunting."
"For what?"
"Caine for victims, you drink blood."
"Fine, where is Gwen?"
"She is still mortal."
"Who was the other figure in the black robe?"
"He comes and goes, you will know him, he is like a king of vampires, he has no name, and can grant mortals the "Dark Gift."
"You mean vampirism?"
"The same"
"But you can do that."
"No Caine, without touching them, he is a great magic man, he makes pacts with mortals, they get immortallity, he gets souls."
"He sounds like a devil."
"Caine in time you will learn to love him as you loved no other."
"I have never loved."
"Fine, but we must eat now Caine, let us go."
We left and fed, this went on for about fifty years, when at last I got to meet The King of Vampires. It was nighttime and before we could feed, Christophe walked out with a stupid grin on his face. He stepped in front of me and spoke while smiling, "At last Caine after fifty years you get to meet The King of Vampires." As he babbled about how much of an honor it would be, the king stepped toward me. He pointed at me, and removed his hood, again I yelled for joy, "Father!"
"Yes son, it is I."
"I killed you."
"Not really I have been a vampire every since you were born, when I wept over your mother, a female vampire came to me and gave me the Dark Gift. But she was no normal vampire, she was The Queen of Vampires. She died to give someone else the gift, all her creations died with her, for after every passing of the Kingship, all the vampires that person created die. Little did I know I was about to become The King of Vampires, this night.
Father stepped forward and spoke, "Son, Christophe and I have decided to give you " The Kingship", so you can right all your wrongs, but pass it on, for after 350 years your body will burn and "The Kingship" shall be lost forever. You will soon be alone, for Christophe will die as well. So we say our goodbye's now.
This is how I became "The King of Vampires" I added the de Coupe-Jarret to my name because, I could slit anyone's throat who messed with me. As you know, "Coupe-Jarret" means Cut-Throat in French.
I lived the life, jewels, gold, everything. After 300 years I remembered I had to pass it on, so I tracked down Gwen's great, great, great-grandchild. I flew to her house at night. She was beautiful.
I opened the window, and floated in. She opened her eyes but was not afraid, she looked at me, her eyes a beautiful green. I walked toward her, she started to speak, "Wh...o, who are you?"
"Fear not, I..., I am a friend, I am here to give you a present."
"Who are you!"
"My name is Caine, perhaps you have heard of my brother Christophe, or his wife Gwen."
"They are the name of my great-grandmother and great-grandfather, and his brother."
"What do you know of them? Why do you speak lies?"
"I shall show you I am him."
I floated to the wall, then to the door, then to the window, and outside, and floated there outside her window. She fainted.
When she awoke, I looked into her beautiful green eyes, and kissed her, why I do not know. We fell in love. But alas I cannot, for now I need to pass on the gift. So after our little affair I asked, "What is your name pretty one?"
"They call me Elizabeth."
"Family history say's great-grandfather was a vampire, and Elisabeth is a famous vampire who bathed in virgin blood. They thought it would be funny to name a child Elizabeth after Elisabeth."
"Well pretty one, I give you this gift."
After that it all went black, and I awoke, but not it any place I had every known. Near me was father, Caine, and many others. I spoke to them, "Where are we?" My father looked at me, and spoke "Son we are in the mind of Elizabeth, i thought we merely died, but we live on the mind of the next king or queen, all our experience and memories go into that new king or queen, and we become their personalities in their head.
A continuation on the first story
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