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I know what you are going to say
I have heard it all before
"I need sometime alone to deal with issues"
I know what you are going to utter
Your lines they repeat
"I can't do this anymore."

It's always the same
This neverending game
It's been going on so long
I can't see the start
So backtracking is no good
And I've lost my footing
So going on is not an option

I know whay you are thinking
I can read you like a book
"I'm just another number"
I know what you pray
"That someone will blow you away"

People aren't numbers
Don't treat them as such

I've tried
To save you
You weren't meant to be saved
At least not by me

That's where I went wrong
Searching for broken smiles
Trying to heal the world
Yet all I seemed to do
Was to help the wounds
Fester and ooze

I can't repeat the past
I've been down this road before
Something has to change
Something has to give
I haven't actually written this yet. I will type it than submit it...
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October 4, 2004
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