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In the Mines of Aversion
I forged this Sword of Pain
In the Fields of Arrogance
I made this Piercing Armor of Betrayal
So I wear this armor
While carrying an unsheathed sword
Those who venture to close
Are cut deep by my clumsy handling
Of this dreaded sword
Scarlet blood spills to the ground
My victims, my friends
Will soon be dead
The Poison is in the Wound
I gave fair warning to everyone who ventures too close
Told them of the pain that would follow
With Association with me

One day I met the Warlock of Shame
Who taught me some spells
He taught me to make flowers bloom
And love to grow
I attempted the flower spell
But they only bled
I attempted the love spell
And my lover fled

So it seems with sword or word
My Wickedness is revealed
Unmasked for the Demon I am
My black bat-like wings sprout from my back
Blocking out all holy-light
I raise my hand to beg for God’s forgiveness
Balls of Fire come screaming down
My tongue is frozen
My words are mute

I know in my heart that most times
My intentions were good
I know in my soul
That I once felt love
I look down at my pitch-black skin
Studying my Claws of Disregard
I reach down to pick up one of my bleeding flowers
It turns to dust in my Claws

Everything I touch
Fades Away
Every heart I draw close too
Boils with Rage

Wretched and wounded
My friends lie on the ground
Wounded from the very hands
That wanted to help
Tortured and Tormented
Those I love curl into the fetal position
Wincing from pain only, I can bring

Broken and Bruised
I turn away
I always find myself
Cutting to deep
Taking a little too much
Helping a little
Yet hurting a lot

I am my own worst enemy
I am a Knight of Anguish
I am a Demon of Destruction
TearDrop- Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004   Writer
I really like this poem. It has a lot of meaning :) keep up the good work!!! ^.^
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
I wrote it not too long ago. I made someone mad when I wasn't trying too, and it made me think of all the times I had hurt people.
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October 5, 2004
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