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I grew up in a village in a far off land, since long forgotten. My father a noble man, left my mother for the company of another. My mother remarried years later to a not as noble man. We traveled from our home to a foreign land. There I made many friends and my curiosity grew. Several years later we returned to our home land. My father requested I come stay at his castle for a little while. It was their that I met my evil step mother for the first time. She went insane and had to be institutionalized. The King's men came and took us to another noble's home, a safe haven from the insanity that was sweeping thorough his house. Within three days my mother traveled across the land to retreive me. We traveled back to our home land. That was the last time I saw my father. I tried to forget him and all his evil deeds. My family and I traveled around every four or five years. By the time I was 15 my eyes feel for a maiden in a dream. I tried to find this maiden but only found nothing. I searched every girl with a broken smile. Trying to help them. I asked them tons of questions. I finally found one around my sixteenth birthday. Her over sensitveness broke us apart. Without even a kiss she parted from me. My family traveled to another village within a year there I found another girl again I asked tons of questions I wanted to know everything about each girl with a wrecked smile, with a dying soul. I wanted to infuse the very essence of life into those that flew so low. Again I was left, this girl said we moved to quickly, that we needed to cool off. Three months passed without her reaching back out to me so I left to find another. This girl would be the first I had ever met that tried to end her life. Over the next seven years I would meet two more. A couple of months passed and she tried to end her life, so I seeked guidance from the local wizard/wiseman. He called in other medicine men, who gave her all sorts of healing herbs. She grew angry with me and told me I made her skin crawl. And with that came the first injury to my heart. It didn't break but it almost did. I felt so bad, she made me beleive that I had caused the end to my own happiness. Within three months I had found another we lasted two and half years. She was my first in many ways. We had a limited relationship, a pure romeo and juilet story if I ever saw one. Her father and mother kept us apart. Only allowing us to see each other in certain places and for certain times. She did move out for a while, and it was in this moving out that many of our first's happened. A Knight in black leather came riding along one day and stole her from me. Well she went willingly. So I suppose she was never stolen if she could so easily be taken. My heart broke. I lay like a defeated knight on a battlefield, a dagger pierced through not only my armor but my heart. Each breath harder and harder, the taste of bitterness in my mouth. I lay a damaged thing for two long years. Then I met a girl from a local store, serving hot beverages to weary travelers. She had been attacked by a bandit nearly a year earlier and had her dignity among other things raped away. I tried to help her, tried to heal her I wanted to be her angel. I wanted to be there for her. She pushed me away after three months. Again I waited two more years for another to come. I met that someone while I tried my hand at serving others. It was with her that I became the knight that I am today. SIR ASK A LOT. I bought a ring for this maiden in hopes that she would make me that happiest man on the planet. Two months passed and she fell for another, laying in his bed she defiled my name. Making me weep. Yet again my heart broke. She told me he meant nothing, so I felt like less than nothing. But he meant something for she began to see him socially... Twice used and thrown to the side of the road. Seven more months passed before I met another though it would be eight before we made a vow to start a life together... But this story has been told oh so many times. Needless to say again I was alone. I traveled the lands in search of advice in search of answers to why it always ended up the same way. At the top of a mountain I met a wiseman on a hill. Asking him "Oh wise old man. Help me. Show me what I have been doing wrong, if I have done anything wrong. Show me the way to my own happiness..."

The wiseman looked at me, looked through me. He raised his voice a little and spoke... "You seek out those with pain in their hearts. You seek out those who you feel you must help. You can't save the world. You try much to hard to help everyone in need. Those that truely need your help you won't need to find, they will seek you out. They will seek you out for you are a noble young man with kindness in your heart. You try to hard to find and be in love. Love is like water. It can be gentle or raging. It doesn't take much for it to go to one extreme to the other. It is the reason for life, it should be savored and enjoyed. You should drink from it at all times to keep you life healthy and full. You should show love to all that are in your life. But don't try so hard to show the one you are or want to be in love with that you are that way. If they are in love with you and you are in love with them, few words should need to be spoken to confirm this. Respect them and their boundries. Listen to them. The word LISTEN and the word SILENT are composed of the same letters. So be silent and listen to those you care for. Don't assume so much in your realtionships. Even if you know in your heart that you are right. Hold your tounge until all the evidence is in to sway whatever case you are trying to make. Stop making so many cases. Stop attempting to prove that you are always right. The righteous man has no need to substantiate his opinions. He merely acts righteously and thinks righteously."

With that the wiseman stopped. "Do you have more advice?" I asked.

The wiseman smiled "I have plenty of more advice, but how beneifical is it you if I tell you anymore. You must discover your own path to wisdom. You must find your own way through this life. I cannot show you the way. No man can. The map to your life lies in your heart and yours alone."

"It would be very beneifical to me for you to tell me more..." I said.

"Ah but would you really learn. We can only learn by making mistakes. And if you make none, then you learn nothing."

"But..." I said.

The wiseman motioned for me to go. So I stood and thanked the wiseman for his kind and helpful words. I made my way down the mountain and cantered my horse down the long winding road to the country side. I forced my horse to trot through the country. Enjoying the serene beauty of nature. I reflected on what the wiseman had said. And spoke "I will be better in the future. I will be a great knight. A wonderful gentleman. I am Sir Ask A Lot..."
My friend Marie said something to the effect of "What would my Arthurian name be? [i.e. King Arthur, Sir Lancelot Du Lac (Launcelot), etc] (Canterbury sounded better so I used that)

Yet more legal stuff: Canterbury Tales © 1387-1400 Geoffrey Chaucer
King Arthur, Lancelot, etc © 1469 "Le Morte D'Arthur" by: Thomas Malory
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October 3, 2004
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