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Once there was a conductor who worked for Amtrack. He trained harder than any other conductor to graduate at the top of his class. Then the day came when he was assigned a train. He took it easy out of the station and made it a few miles down the tracks, when the engine started speeding up, no matter what he did. The train derailed. Thankfully no one was hurt. Amtrack reassigned him and again the train derailed. This happened six times. No matter what he did, no matter how much care and love he put into the trains they always seemed to wreck. He was finally assigned with his last train, he told himself that if this train derailed then he would retire from Amtrack. So they assigned him Train #3074. He personally cleaned the windows, checked the fluid levels, checked the brake system, had a technican check the engine, he took every precaution to ensure his last train was in perfect condition before setting out on his journey. He left the train station right on time, treated the beautiful train with care. Told the train as he left the station “I love you oh sweet train, lets make it thorough this and every destination safely.” He made it 39 miles from the station, when the speed lever got stuck the train sped out of control and derailed…”

What is the conductor to do now?
Only one person ever knew all the hidden meanings to this work of prose. It's about my love life. I was talking to my friend Marcus and compared them to a train wreck and this came about.
ham549 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2007
1.) Engineer drives the train not the conductor.
2.) it is Amtrak not Amtrack
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