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So beautiful she is
Her eyes flash a secret
Held in the Depth of her Soul
They shine with a strange and magical light
So beautiful she is
Her lips show sweetness Iíve never seen the likes of

How I wish could learn the secret
How wish I could taste the sweetness
How I wish I could know the language of her heart

Sadly she speaks in the Language of Love
With the Tongue of an Angel
I know not any of its words

She has a tenderness Iíve never known
She has the body of an angel
Her demeanor is as mild as a breeze
She is as fragrant as wildflowers
Her touch as gentle as moonlight

Her face shows a mystery
Iíve tried to learn the secret
All my attempts so helpless
Iíve sought to find out more about her
However her beauty transfixes me
The sweetness of her voice
It takes away my breath

I canít seem to find the words
Even if I could she still speaks in
A language unknown to my soul
My mind seems to struggle like
A thousand other minds are locked inside

There is something in her eyes
Something I canít describe
Something I noticed the first time
Those beautiful eyes looked upon me
It reminds me that Iím alive

The garments she wears seems to take on
A new look, a new life
They seem to be woven by fellow celestial beings
With rainbow threads

There is something in her smile
Something I canít impart
Something I noticed not to long ago
It brings about joy to my heart

I learned not so long ago she almost
Lost her life in a car accident
I heard it was raining that day
I know whyÖ

The Angels were weeping above
For they knew one of their kind
Was to be injured
God himself must have wept
To see such an act against heaven

After she recovered I am sure
Celestial Melodies played above
All of heaven rejoiced
To see her move around again

When this poem finds her
I hope she will open her heart a little
To communicate itís secret to me
To know that I view her like no other
Sweet Angel or (Living Reflection From a Dream)
was written about a girl that I had a crush on. Nothing ever materialized from my crush. In fact a few weeks after I wrote this she got pregnant and then got married, so the baby wouldn't be born out of wedlock
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May 14, 2004
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