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Your blood is pouring on the floor
I look and can only stare
The blood from your heart is now on the ground...

Twenty minutes ago

Your blood runs off your arm
Down your leg
Those delicate legs
Onto your feet
Your blood stains the floor
It's checkerboard pattern now red

Tears run down your face
Mixing with the blood
Tears you weep over lost love
The tears turn your eyes red like the floor

The knife hits the floor
Clinging as it slides to the right
You stare at your arm covered in blood
You look at the floor and think
"Mother will be mad"
You know you'll die soon and think
"Mother will be happy"

You look at the dishes and think
"All dirty, father will be mad"
You taste your tears and think
"Father will be happy"
You think of him
Once he was your lover
Now he is another's
Your squeeze your arm and more blood spills
You weep in pain
Both physically and emotionally
Your life slowly slips away
You collapse

Two days later

Dressed in black
The look of horror on your face
You're in the box and you're never coming out
I lean forward
To kiss your now cold lips

I see the cut on your right arm
From wrist to elbow and think
"Why did I let you go?"
I place one last rose in your hands
The same one's that once held mine
I walk to the left in the back and sit down weeping

The pallbearers enter taking the coffin
I follow outside to my car
My heart still back where you died

At the cemetery
The priest says a few words
I... I... I'm sorry
I still loved you
I... I'm sorry

Weeks go by
I gain the courage to visit
I read your name
It feels like a dream
Tears hit the ground
All I see is your blood
I look away
A chill passes between me and your grave
I now collapse
"Please forgive me! I still love you."
I wrote this to my ex-girlfriend after she tried to kill herself.
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silentscream47 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004
This is a really good piece ! I'm so sorry about your ex tho..
this reminds me of my poem. 'Branded'.
I like it a lot. :kiss:
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004
PS I put another sign picture up this is one is funny though
silentscream47 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004
well, i'm glad you got her to stop cutting. you should feel pretty good, i know i would, even though she left you. you probably saved her life. :hug:
she was lucky to have you, even though she didn't see what was right in front of her nose.
silentscream47 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004
i just realized i wrote that you got her to stop cutting and reread what you wrote (that you didn't).
sorry about that..
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2004
Thanks= about the poem. Why are you sorry about my ex? The poem suicide never happened, I wrote it to my ex. to show her what life would be like without her. (She was my girlfriend at the time and she kept cutting. I wished she would stop so wrote a poem depicting life if she didn't. Which she didn't she kept cutting. She eventually cheated on me and married the guy she cheated on me with two years after the break up.
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June 27, 2004
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