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A long time ago
On the coast of Kerry
Lived the O'Connell clan
Their clan leader had two daughters

The leader loved his two daughters equally
He was also quite naive
His eldest daughter always seemed to get her way

The eldest was quite a dark soul
Her hair was black as the night
Embracing her hips

The youngest was fair
Her hair a golden yellow
Falling softly on her shoulders

The eldest had green eyes
As jealous as coulld be
She wished she had her sisters beauty and innocence

The youngest with her deep blue eyes
Seemed like an ocean
Cascading inside

The two maidens were rivals
Though the youngest didn't know it
While the oldest always hid it

A young lord came courting
Abiding by custom he addressed the eldest
However his eyes always found their way to the youngest

The young lord
Danced with the youngest in the field
And rode by her each chance he got

The eldest always gazed at him in a sinister manner
She stayed quite however
Waiting for the right moment

Early one morning
Before their father awoke
The eldest invited the youngest to walk with her by the seashore

The youngest feeling her sister
Had warmed up to her
Accepted the offer to walk and talk with her

As they walked along the beach
The youngest confided in her sister
The love she felt for the young lord

The eldest said nothing
Her face showed no emotion
Yet beneath the surface she boiled with rage

The walked to the point
Where the waves met a pile of jagged rocks
The eldest turned to the youngest and said
"I will hide away so you can marry the lord if..."

The youngest jumping with joy
Cut her sister off mid-speech
"I'll do anything."

With a mischievous grin
She looked deep into her sisters eyes and said
"Go stand on the rocks and profess your love to the sea!"

The youngest eagerly went over
Standing on the slippery slopes she screamed
"I love..."

The eldest sister rushed forward
Pushing the youngest in
Laughing she watched eagerly

The youngest fought the waves
But they thrashed her against the rocks
She continued to struggle begging for her sister

The eldest not yet satisfied
Grabbed a rock and threw it at her sister
Stricking her in the head

The water turned red
While the youngest sank beneath the waves
The eldest laughed again

The eldest looked at the sea and spoke
"Sister are you still alive?"
The only response was the crashing of the waves

The eldest stood her vigil for a moment
Looking at the sea
Insuring her sister rose no more

After a few minutes
The eldest ran home to her father
She began to weep

Her father asked her
"What is the matter?
Why do you cry?"

She began her false tale
"Sister and I were walking near the beach
She slipped on a rock and drown."

The father gathered his clansmen
Rushing to the beach
They searched all day for her remains

Never finding a trace of his daughter
He wept all night
His eldest daughter pretended to weep

The youngest sister's body
Was carried by tide and winds
To a loch far from her father's land

A clan leader from the O'Halloran clan
Walked along the shore of his loch
Spotting golden strands touching the surface

Rushing over
He discovered a body of a beautiful maiden
He pulled her gently from the water

As luck would have it
A fiddler was staying with him
He was hired to entertain his clan

He helped to bury the maiden
But before they placed her in the ground
Overcome with sadness by her beauty
He cut a few strands of her hair
Turning them into fiddle strings

The fiddler soon left
Traveling from clan to clan
Playing his enchanting fiddle

Anyone who listened to the fiddler
Fell in love with the fiddle's melodic sound
It brought tears to many eyes
The fiddler loved the golden strands
Turned to strings

Many months had passed
Since the youngest's death
The young lord came seeking council
To help ease the pain of her passing
Which the eldest gave gladly
Soon they were to be married

The father heard news of Irealand's greatest fiddler
He sent two men out to find and bring the fiddler to him
He wanted the best for his surviving daughter
The fiddler arrived just as the sun was setting

As he entered the hall
The flames flickered
Shadows across the walls

The eldest daughter
Sat on a bench
Between her father and her lover

The fiddler pulled out his fiddle
Before he could touch the cords
The fiddle flew from his hand

Floating in the air
It began to sing
In a sweet familiar voice

The eldest recognizing the voice of her sister
Froze in terror and turned pale
She knew her fate had come

The fiddle began to sing
"Farewell to my father the noblest of my kin
Farewell to my lover that would have been...."

The fiddle froze for a moment
Then in a wailing voice sang
"Woe to my sister who murdered me..."

The strings of the fiddle untied themselves
Flying toward the eldest sister
Took her head clean off
Umm. Read it the meaning will become obvious.
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winterdragon Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
wow. just wow. I dont think I have a coment for that because I too have a sister and I envy her beauty and innocennce. she always drove me nuts and I read this and I feel sad for all the things I have done to the kid. but I love my kid sister. I would never hurt her. I guess one thing you can learn from this is that there are bonds stonger than blood, family. There is a reason to be who you are and to mess around with that it very wrong and you will pay. Just let things set their course and dont interfere. Love is stronger than death, life...I am rambling. it was very good, and creative. this was eye opening to say the least ;)
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
Thank you so much for your very kind comment. I don't mind the rambling. I enjoy reading everything you have to write. :-)
winterdragon Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2004
aww thats nice of you to say
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2004
damn that took forever to type... lol.
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