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My precious Angel who guides me; brings to my face a smile that will never fade. I told her for two days ago that she is my Agnes. Every time I think about her I smile. Around her I lose my words. I could stare at her for hours. We met at work, and I made my move when she said she was hungry... From there we grew, we had our first kiss during "Big Fish" June 28th became our official day. I want so for her to stay happy. We have grown so much in so little time…….

My whole life I’ve been “The Jester” always trying to help people. Always trying to put a smile on everyones face; now I found someone who brings a smile to my face, even when she doesn’t try. Just her very presence brings has healing properties. Once I was drawn to people in desperate need of my help, those with a deep depression coursing through their lives. I was drawn to these people, I gave a piece of myself to make them happy. My heart, mind and soul pulled down so low. I had to know the sorrow that these people felt. Again and again I did this, the sadness growing ever so strong inside of me. Now I found someone whom doesn’t require such a sacrifice on my part. She doesn’t require me to bring myself down to bring her up. She is happy when she thinks, sees, and talks with me. And I am happy when I think, see, and talk with her.

Her heart is still hesitant in letting me in, she’s been burned before and I can understand why she has trust issues. She does trust me some she has relinquished truths that no others know. I have done the same. It’s amazing and weird at the same time, we feel like two adjacent puzzle pieces. We have been relatively trouble free as of now, and I wish to stay that way. I am not a big fan of confrontation. Relationships are a lot like trees. They need space to grow, and they need nourishment. Going with the tree theme, all the good things she has done for me are to numerous to count, it would be like counting the leaves on a tree in the spring. What else can I say except I FEEL SUPER!
Just wanted to write something new....
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July 10, 2004
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