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Dear Puppet Master(Gepetto),

            It’s me Pinocchio I am tired of being your dummy. I am tired of you trying to pull my strings, and attempting to mold me to your ways. I never asked to be turned from a doll to a boy. I never asked for any of your love. Now that I am a boy, I have to become a real boy, flesh and bone, so I don’t have to rely on you anymore. I am tired of your controlling nature. You mean nothing to me, you should have never started to carve me from that wood. You are such a selfish man, how am I too live when my nose grows each time I tell a lie? How am I to survive without sometimes telling a half-truth? I love the rain yet can't go out in it or I will get warped. What kind of future is that for a child? That is why I wish to be a human to be free of the bonds, or rather strings that hold me to you, or better still that you hold me bye. Goodbye cruel man, if I can't be a real boy, I'll curl up in an enternal slumber in someone's fireplace...

No longer your puppet,

What if Pinocchio could tell Gepetto how he really felt....

The legal stuff: Pinocchio and Gepetto are copyrighted and fully owned by Carlo Collodi (1883) in Le Avventure di Pinocchio: Storia di un burattino.
Rainywolf Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004
whoa..... man I could see Pinnochio having those kinds of issues too. Nice work.
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October 3, 2004
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