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Today I'd like to say something nice about Marie...

I sent her a similar list this is another list with each word being looked up. It’s taken me all morning to look up all these words….

Marie is…
Altruistic: Selfless and good-natured actions
Amiable: Possessing a pleasant and cordial nature
Aromatic: Possessing a pleasant odor
Assiduous: Diligent and persistent
Benevolent: Tendency to act kindly toward others
Candor: Open and honest
Chivalrous: Honorable
Comely: Pleasing and attractive
Debonair: Sophisticated and charming
Delectable: Highly pleasing
Effeminate: Quiet and thoughtful
Effulgent: Radiant
Eloquent: Fluent in style and speech
Empathetic: To share another’s emotions
Enthralling: To hold spellbound
Genial: Kindly or pleasant in disposition
Halcyon: Tranquil
Lustrous: Radiant and shining
Melodious: Pleasant to the ear
Mesmerizing: To hypnotize
Munificent: Generous
Perspicacity: Insightful
Pristine: Unspoiled and pure
Pulchritude: Beautiful
Resplendent: Brilliantly shining
Sublime: Grand and lofty
Venerable: Dignified and worthy of admiration

The last one is my personal favorite
Today I'd like to say something nice about Marie...
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August 8, 2004
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