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Teenage Suicide In America

Before I begin on the issue of suicide, it begins with it. The dictionary says; a) The act of killing oneself intentionally. But it is deeper than that, more than 5000 teenagers 8-24 kill themselves each year. And the number grows bigger and bigger each year. They use words like:  hopeless, sorrow, drained, lonely, dejected, rejected, woeful, dismal, desperate, fearful, frantic. And say things like:  "I just wanted to sleep and never wake." "either I kill myself or I'll always feel this pain." "Soon I won't hurt anymore." " I wish I had never been born." " They'll be sorry when I'm gone." "They won't have to put up with me much longer." "I wondered what it is like to be buried." "Does dying hurt?" "They'll be better off without me." "I feel so dumb.' "Everything is so unreal." "I can't bear this much pain anymore, I shall end it quickly..."
The main cause of attempted Teenage Suicide is; 1) Trouble at home. (Parent's fighting, death, or divorce, Parental Abuse, Parental Neglect.) 2) Feel ignored, alone, not taken serious, as if the world thinks of them as a joke, a pawn, a mere puppet... 3) ATTENTION!!! 4) And Sexual Problems.
Some of my peers turn to drugs and alcohol to solve their problems, which is known as self-medication. This can result in worse depression and a feeling of emptiness, and hate. One person cut their wrists to proof to herself that she was still real, not this part of a dream, not this person already dead. They feel lost, alone, want realize. Most teens who want this realize are white middle-classed, but teens from all different races, family structure attempt or commit suicide. They may try to activate guilt feeling in the one's they love to give some kind of sign of what is soon to happen (A suicide attempt)...
Suicide is not something that should be taken lightly when someone comes to you it is most likely a cry for help, but their are those who just say they will kill themselves, but not really mean it, they just are doing that for attention, and most likely really don't mean it, they think it will get them the attention they deserve, but if they don't get it, they may try something to get the attention, or make up stories  of death to get attention. Their are many ways people try to kill themselves, from the date a loved one died, to accidental in which they unconsciously kill themselves, and many other types which are to numerous to keep explaining...
Many religions and societies hold suicide to be wrong. It leaves those who care, those who love to weep, to possibly drive them to suicide. It seems as if the person has no friends doesn't care, but somewhere in this world does care, they say there are soulmates, but I think there is something even closer to that, a piece of the same soul, the same, the "perfect" Movie couple, and if death were to occur, that other half would weep as if the world had ended, for women are crazy for men, and men are crazy for women. Their are some Do's and Don'ts to follow:

Be Willing to Get Involved.
Ask About Suicide
Remove Drugs, or Weapons

Warn Or Threaten Them
Tell Your Views on Suicide
Promote guilt
Try to Cheer Them Up
Give Advice
Or Allow Yourself to Be Sworn to Secrecy

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but is it a solution. Is your life the thing you want to exchange for and end to something that you will not put up with forever. Is not love, or the thought that there is a true love enough to stay on this world, and let go of all the hurt, and just sit and talk with counselors, or friends and let them try to help, don't swear them to things, which would mean your certain death....
Some day's feeling down just won't go away or the parent's keep yelling it seems as if their marriage will fall soon, that they take all pain on you, that you are the output, but believe it or not they do not mean it... Your death would trigger pain, though you may want them to have revenge for the pain they caused, it is just the answer to the problem with their death... FIGHT to live. FIGHT to stay happy. Death of a human is just not the answer to many have died already, we may not have future generations, if all die, to many teenagers have ended it all too soon, before they could experience things like love, true kindness, children, grandchildren, grandkids who come to yelling "Gram" or "Granpap" and loving you, only knowing that they love you, and never want you to leave. The lover yet to be to hold you, and kiss you, while telling you everything just by looking into your eyes, and only seeing compassion, true friendship. All these wait those who wish to stay  alive just a little longer, and try to get these things... For no SORROW will last forever, no pain so great to just end it, before you experience all that can be felt and enjoyed. Nothing, though it sometimes doesn't seem could be so bad........

By:  Chris
Date:  Monday, February 02, 1998,
Time:  11:12:31 PM
I wrote this after my exgirlfriend (girlfriend at the time) tried to kill herself.
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