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I'm losing my gift
My ability to write my heart
I've built this wall around my soul
It's increasingly hard to tell others
How I feel
It seems only pain exits these lips
Hurting those treasured
They don't need this pain
This burden that I bring

Unbelievable as it seems
I don't treat them justly
I do treasure them
In my own twisted way...

Trying to write my thoughts
Trying to write a good poem
Nothing exits but these words of confusion
In certain ways all my words are poetic
My poems have lost their feel
Lost their pain and their love

When you first fall in love
Sometimes before you fall in love
Poetic power flows through the veins
But the most poetic time in the world
"Losing Love" is the hardest time to write
Because the heart is guarded
It's hidden under an ocean of tears
Hidden behind a wall to high to climb
Hidden even from ourselves

The way the body copes
With lost love is through
I wrote this a long time ago a lot was going on at the time. I offended one of my best friends, and my girlfriend at the time cheated then broke up with me...
winterdragon Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2004
Lost? you seem unable to find a way. and thats alright. ;) sorry for the lack of comment lately but alot is going on. :(
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October 14, 2004
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