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It’s raining outside as I pull up to the hotel. I park in front of the office and step out of the car horrid winds and rain biting away at me. I walk through the turental downpour. My sighs already too heavy. I walk into the office and a plaque on the wall reads “Management: Mrs. Lucy Fur. “Ah. Mr. X I see you have returned…” The pretty lady behind the counter says. “Who are you kidding,” I say, “I hate this place it makes me feel worse each time I enter these walls. I hate the smell of dead flowers that permeate from every vase. I can’t stand this roach infested shit hole…” “But that doesn’t stop you from coming. You have been here many times and we are always anxious to have you return. You are our most loyal customer.” “I’ll take the usual room.” I say. “Ah. Room 7 very good choice sir, here is your key.” She hands the key to me and I drag myself to my room. Upon entering that horrible smell of decomposing flora. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the faucet, brown water spills into the sink. I have no choice but to wash my hands in the dirty water. I ever so slowly walk to the bed and lay down, a spring pokes me in the back.  I drift off to sleep, then awake an hour later, then back to sleep. All through the night I lay restless. I have one of the worst nights of sleep I have ever had. The next day I went down to the front office. “How long do I have to stay here?” I asked.

“As long as you wish.” The manager said. “I never wanted to be here.” I rebutteled. “Well then you will stay as long as your heart lays broken.” “I don’t think it is broken any more.” “Well it certainly isn’t completely healed.” “What are the activities today?” “Well we have a ‘Heartless Horse Ride to Hell,’ we have a ‘All Addictions Are All Good Workshop,’ we have a ‘How to Ruin Relationships Lecture’, and a ‘Seminar on The Seduction of Suicide.” Did you want to attend one?” “Well I attended both the Addiction Workshop and the Lecture last year. I guess I’ll settle for the Heartless Horse Ride.” “Very good choice sir, the horses set out for the long journey at 3:47PM.” So I waited around the hotel drowning my thoughts in bottles, then questioning the bottles as each was drained “Where did I go wrong?” At 3:40 I made my way down to the stables to start the long ride. The horses were covered in fleas and ticks and suffered from a case of leprosy. I didn’t even know horses could get leprosy. I climbed up and sat in the saddle as my guide a six foot tall man with horns and a tail did the same on his horse. We started to ride past the brimstone and the screaming lost souls onto a place I've been oh so many times..."
Wrote this when I was visiting Delaware. I bought a book called "Heartbreak House" by George Bernard Shaw and the title alone set me into writing.
Rainywolf Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004
wow thats a helluva story. Damn visual too. Nice.
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2004
I was going for a visual poem. I wanted the reader to feel the character's despair to the point they could smell the rotting flowers.
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October 3, 2004
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