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Watching you go
It doesn't feel as numb
That I must confess
You've done me harm
You've done me wrong
My heart and hand I must take back
You've stomped them into the ground

I called you my Angel
I didn't think you'd be the Angel of Death
Grim Reaper Incarnated
Does it make you happy to know you are killing me with all your insensitive ways?
With your lack of sensitive words

You threw all my feelings down
Trying to make me feel bad
You've taken pieces of my insides
Do you like this empty shell?
Do you like the wreckage you've left in your wake?

You promised never to hurt me
You promised to heal my broken wings
Your promises are just hollow shells
As empty as I am

Through all of this part of me still loves you
The hole you've stabbed in my heart
Still pumps for you

The sorrow I drown in is the result of my own tears
Wept three times over the love that is gone....
You claim you loved me too!
How can you claim to love me than do all you do?

When all you've done to me is returned three times to you
Don't come crawling back
I have to go....

You've hurt me too much...
I'm not the only one to blame...
I shouldered the blame to make you feel better
But my lie, my one and only lie eats me up

To throw my feelings around
To try and make me your plaything isn't right
I can't take the abuse...

I can't deal with your drama
You never loved me
If you didn't dump me
You would have cheated on me
“Once a cheater always a cheater”
“A cheater’s heart can never be tamed…”

You are careless with my feelings and everyone else’s around you
We choice our pains and sorrows long before we experience them…
In a year you will be in pain
Your heart will bleed like mine does now
I won’t be there to fill the hole…
I won’t be there to save your soul from drowning
I won’t be around
I’ll be on more solid ground
I’ll find another
Someone sweeter than you
Someone less reckless with my feelings

You told me not to wait and I won’t
We’ll never be unless you grow a heart…
We’ll never be unless you stop treating every one so poorly

People aren’t puppets
Stop trying to pull the strings
People aren’t toys
You can’t use them when you need them
Disposing of them when you don’t
I was angry when I wrote this on August 16th. I felt betrayed, filled with sorrow. I had no other place to vent my frustrations except in a sheet of paper. This is the most bitter and hurtful poem I have ever written. There are parts that I don't think would have happened. (The cheating part in particular) My words stung like a thousand bee's. I do regret writing the poem, because someone who is dear to me, became the center of my anger. But it's a good poem (Well written) no matter how hurtful it is. I welcome any comments. If there are any questions feel free to ask.
P.S. "Don't forget you asked to read this..."
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luitha Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
its a shame no one LOVES this poem. It is deep, powerful and touching. I am soooo Very sorry.
jester81 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
Thanks. You forgot it's a little harsh. :)
luitha Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
hahaha well I dont think it is that harsh. you were sayig what you felt. no wrong in that.
jester81 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
I was just manefesting the hurt in a more productive way
luitha Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2005
I understand that. hehehe
jester81 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2004
Wow. No one has commented on this. Exactly what I thought would happen has happened because of this poem. When I wrote this, I knew if she ever read it, she would be angry and want to stop any conversations with me. I tried to give advaned warning to the hurtfulness of this poem. Yet my warnings were unheeded. I tried to spare some heartache.
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