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I was walking along a patch of woods. When the moon eclipses the sun. Behind me, a giant flamed gate burns out of the ground. I turned astonished. Their driving a chariot pulled by a sheep, a deer, and an ox is a Demon. His eyes glow a golden tint. A white scarf is wrapped like a turban around his head; he wears a scarlet cloak, pants, and shirt. He drives the animals harder toward me. I begin to run, I to run just out of reach of the Demon. I see a building at the top of a hill, so I begin to run up the hill. When I arrive at the top, the building has only one door and one window. I run inside and lock the door. I run up the steps to the second floor and sit in front of the window. The Demon stops the chariot and paces back and forth in front of the building. Hours go by, as I sit in front of the window, the eclipse was finally over, but now it is nighttime. The Moon is a blood red. I sat there next to the window in shame and solitude. Looking at the moon ever so sorrowfully. I looked down at the carriage and saw two golden eyes staring at me. Suddenly a glowing arrow came out of nowhere, striking the Demon from his vigil. In a funeral pyre, the Demon is burned up. I race down stairs and out the door. When I open the door, an Angel stands their holding a bow. The moon turns to its normal color. The Angel stares at me with gorgeous blue-green eyes, they seem to stare through me. “I love you,” I say. “I know,” She says. She reached her hand out and I eagerly took it. She took us up through the clouds. We landed softly as if they were giant pillows. I looked around; the whole scene was so beautiful. The moon seemed so large up there. There on the clouds the Angel and I feasted on flowers. “Thank you for saving me” I said. “You would have done the same for me.” She said. “I would many times over. I owe you so much…”
With that I awoke…
Part of a real dream I had, I had to embellish some to make it more interesting. The real dream starts after the Angel lands with the bow. I think everyone here knows who the angel is...
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August 8, 2004
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