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Can Demon's have good intentions?
Can Angel's commit wicked deeds?
Angel's can fall from Heaven
Can Demon's return?
Can broken wings heal once more?
Can God forgive those he cast out?
Or do they suffer an eternity of torment
Waiting for Judgement Day....

With skin burning like a thousand suns
I make my way across this earth
For thousands of years I have wandered
Hoping I can accumulate enough good deeds
To return to my Father in Heaven
In my attempt to save souls
I have caused some to suffer more
I have asked for Guidance from God
Even though I rebelled against him
So many moons ago

The only words he uttered were
“Search for those with a Broken Smile”
I immediately began my search
I skip ahead though
Let me start from the beginning:

I didn't fall when 1/3 of God's Angels Rebelled
With Lucifer at their command
No my fall came centuries later
I neglected my Heavenly duties
Gabriel and I were sent to Sodom and Gomorrah
To find ten righteous people
We encountered Lot at the gates of Sodom
He took us to his home and while we were there
Every man of the city surrounded the house
Calling to Lot "Where are they men that came with you tonight bring them out so that we may have sex with them!"
Lot went out and solicited his two daughters in our place.
I was burning with rage
Grabiel told me to hold my anger until I could use it in the destruction of this unholy place
Grabiel opened the door and grabbed Lot than blinded the men outside
I pulled out my fiery sword and burned a hole in the roof and we flew to safety with Lot and his daughters.
"Make your way to the mountains" Gabriel said to Lot.
I didn't hear what else he said to him I flew off to Gomorrah
There in the city is where my sin began....

Standing on the street soliciting herself
Stood and Angel of a woman
I flew down and picked her up taking her too the mountains and told her to wait for me I would return and make her my wife....
Yes "Lust" and "Disobedience" were my sins

Gabriel and I destroyed the cities and returned to God to tell him of our deeds....
God cast me out for saving someone whom shouldn't have been saved.
Cursing me to wander the Earth until the time of judgement
Before sending me to my punishment he sent Gabriel to kill the woman I saved, to rain sulfur onto her
While doing so he lectured me on the importance of following his divine law

So I was forced to wander the earth
Without even a kiss from the one I saved
My wings broken
I can't soar into the clouds anymore

So I return to the present
I have saved a few
Not nearly enough...
A poem about Demons and Angels and their fall from grace and their attempt to return to Heaven.
I had to make some stuff up because in the Bible it says "And all the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home- these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgement on the Great Day." (Jude 1:6) The story would have been boring if I wrote that the angel disobeyed then was chained for all eternity.
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That's beautiful... :+fav:
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Thanks. And thanks for the :+fav:
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