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So you have gone off to college. You are starting a new life away from home here is the best advice I can offer.
1. Listen to music that soothes your soul.
2. Write your thoughts in a notebook (hide the notebook if you wish)
3. Take your anger/ sorrow out on inanimate objects (like your trumpet)
Just start playing, no music sheets, just let go..."
4. Don't be up set over the S.C.A. thing, I know you put your heart and mind into it, but:
"We all have to prepare ourselves for reality, life isn't all happily ever after fairytales. We all live with disappointment. The world is constantly changing and you may find disappointment in family, friends, or school. But we have to learn to find the joy in life. You have to have courage and a sense of humor to survive, to make it through another day."

You are a strong and smart person and I know you will be successful. Anything you have put your mind too so far you have done. You have the strongest convictions of anyone I know. You and Amy are the closest thing I have to sisters. I am so thankful that I met Harry. Not only because of the most obvious reasons of friendship with him, but also because I welcomed into a family. You have become the sister I never had. I'm sorry my letter isn't longer. I'll talk more with you before you head off to school.
I wrote a letter to Harry's sister "Vicki" a few weeks before her death. Here is that letter...
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October 14, 2004
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