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Red Tree

This is a concept art, everything was paint from scratch, no 3D or photo...

More concept art on my website:
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Generally we have recently come into the gaming industry ... We were 3 people - modeler, programmer and writer decided to create a small game at UDK, will soon be history (screenplay) and we will start to build itself and parallel learning games.

In general we do not have the artist ... (((
The game will not be large.

Well, will it be possible to ask you later sketch drawings 4-5 locations, please.
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that tree would be the most breathtaking thing to see in real life. I love this concept
Beautiful piece
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HI there, i am working on a book and I need someone with your talents for illustrations. If you are interested please contact me. Thank and I hope to hear from you soon.
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Amazing...great talent
ILLuZIONiST-7's avatar
amazing! it seems the leaves "flows"?
AnthroOptimist's avatar
Damn this is absolutely amazing! You're instantly watched.
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Amazing work...I love the concept, and it is beautifully rendered. :)
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Tolkien's Minas Tirith? Great work.
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Your wonderful image has been featured in my journal:


Feel free to visit but there is no obligation:)
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:wave: you've been featured in my journal
hope you don't mind.
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Terrible of me, but it makes me think of "Wolf's Rain"
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hello,am the friend of psytanium and i have no idea in arts and that stuff,but i do give u a plus ..u r a dreamer;)
kuri-sanFalcon's avatar
Nice pic. Am I insulting if I say that it reminds me of Yggdrasil?
Big-Blue-Eyes-Maria's avatar
This remind's me of the apple in the Eden garden...Love this picture:liquify:
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This is beautiful! Every time I look at this, I imagine two anime/manga girls that are in their early teens (like fourteen or thirteen). One is sitting on the lower branch (which is high up). She's pretty, has silver, long hair, and the wind is blowing gently. One is on the ground, staring up. Her hair is a bit short (down to her neck) and it's brown. She's pretty two. Here's a little something that helped me visualize this. [link]
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Love the tree! I've been looking for an example to make my own with.
Fruitier's avatar
I am so jealous. xD

Absolutely stunning!
GFX-Creator's avatar
I love it...
Great focal point and great idea... :)
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i cant believe my EYES!!!!
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Very cool concepts. I have two critics though. The city tells that the tree is really really huge but the tree however doesn't seems to look like it. due to the size of the leaves, it looks like an ordinary tree. secondly i think the perspective is abit wrong, especially the bridges. the colors are great though.

keep it up! :D
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good work
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