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Sheesh Youtube why do you have to make things so complicated...
Anywho here's a WIP
Pusheen WIP by jessthedragoon
Since the 2014 HTTYD 2 teaser trailer came out, I had been pondering over whether to make an anime version of it. Fast forward to 2018, it's done. For realz. Enjoy!
Tournament Final Round entry! CAUTION: THERE WILL BE BLOOD.......
Time Havoc fights Arzon and a whole bunch of other stickmen - with Arzon. Round 3 is over. Enjoy!
Won round 1. Round 2 has ended and it's judgement time again. In the meantime, enjoy my round 2 submission!
Gonna be nervously waiting for Round 1 results....
It's in English now.
Haven't been doing SHC but here's this!  Pokemon GO Pokerap Japanese Version - Pokemon Ierukana ?!!  Now Imma go rest up throughout the holidays before I do SHC ep2 p3!  Happy Holidays guys!! :)
.. and join the club if you haven't already.…
Recently I realized that Youtube is likely to notify subscribers of a new video a month after the video is uploaded. Therefore, I've decided to set up my own notification system so that people won't miss out on new Super Hero Clock videos.Besides, you guys who follow me here might not have a Youtube account and I could miss posting a new video here. Soooooooooooooooooo................
It's through this club, I will personally email you to tell you that a new SHC video is up when a new SHC video is up.
Comeover by jessthedragoon

Moving on, I've made the SHC poster print-ready so you guys can just purchase it off here. Be sure to select your preferred print size! 
Super Hero Clock poster 2 by jessthedragoon
Super Hero Clock Episode 1 finale!  Watch it now!
And yes it has an official theme.
And after-credits scene. 
Jess the Dragoon Youtube Channel has finally reached 150,000 subscribers!! Yay!!!
So first things first: WATCH IT NOW!

So as episode 1 continues, I'm working on episode 2. Here's a WIP picture for a start:
Rozella Casual by jessthedragoon

Also, Super Hero Clock t-shirts are now on sale with 2 different designs to choose from!… and… 
Stay tuned for episode 1 part 5! 


Well, here's how I kick off the new year this time!  Super Hero Clock T-shirts!!……

Both these are versions for dark tees.  Light versions coming soon!!!  :)
A while ago part 4 was done.  And now part 5 is also done!  Which means the whole of Super Hero Clock Episode 1 : Time Hero is complete!!!  Yay!  If you are a Patron you'd be able to watch part 4 and 5 exclusively on Patreon!
strangelookingmanOH by jessthedragoon
I never thought I'd complete SHC episode 1, ever.  With that I can enjoy this Christmas, or at least have some time off before I proceed with episode 2.  Welp, guess this wraps up my year!  
screenshot14CHRISTMAS by jessthedragoon

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, guys!! - Yours truly, Denver----^
So I've come up with two simple Super Hero Clock T-shirt designs!  The tees will be available in black and white colors (of course the picture on the white tee will be black).  Each tee will be $19.97 in price.  Let me know which design you like to buy!

T-shirts by jessthedragoon
Would you buy a Super Hero Clock T-shirt?  Take part in the poll here:
T by jessthedragoon
A quarter score and 7 weeks ago, the thought of completing Super Hero Clock episode 1 thus far was nothing but an imagination.  But here today, I stand, in honesty and confidence, to announce that Super Hero Clock episode 1 part 4 is hereby COMPLETE!
And for that, I have written an article about this achievement:…
To all SHC fans, I sincerely thank you for your undying support.
Rssthumb12 by jessthedragoon
So here's the WIP video for Super Hero Clock, aaaand it's about vfx.  Be sure to check the website, or follow Super Hero Clock on Facebook and Twitter for more updates!  Also, the next part of episode 1 will be released when my channel hits 150k subs.

Aaaand the version that has been quite frequently requested - Laat Het Los!!  Let it Go Dutch (Netherlands) version!  This one is sung by Roel Felius.  Hope you guys enjoyed the Genderbend Let It Go Multi-language series!

I know... I know.... Super Hero Clock fans are gonna hate me for releasing yet another freaking Let It Go video.  There were requests(and there still are now) for these multi-language versions and I was curious to see how multi-language Male Elsa would turn out to be.  So I thought making it in some different languages would be cool.  Besides, Let it Go videos seem more popular than Super Hero Clock videos.  But after this Dutch one, I think I'm really gonna go back to work on Super Hero Clock. (I'm sick of this whole let it go thing as well anyways)  You know what, I'm gonna upload a Super Hero Clock Work-in-progress video for you guys.  What do you say?

Alright!!  German Let It Go published!!  Lass Jetzt Los!! This one is performed by Bruno Sigrist.  Many comments on my channel said this male Elsa looks like Germany from Hetalia and many have been requesting for the German version.  So I thought "Yeah, why not since I found a good vocalist for this..."  Also, Germany won the World Cup.
One more language and I'm done with this.  Can you guys guess what the last language will be?