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Ode to Saturday mornings past

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Published: July 2, 2009
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Actually, Saturday and Sunday mornings would be a more accurate title. But never mind.

A tribute to a selection of my childhood heroes. Not all of them were of equal status in my mind, some have left a bigger impact than others, but I tried to cram in as many shows as possible.

I intentionally concentrated only on TV shows here, not animated movies. In the case of Disney, I ignored all the TV shows based on their movies like Aladdin or The Little Mermaid, as the pic was getting too full already. I also left out classic Warner Bros. and Disney shorts because really, that's like a million characters right there. Just so you know I'm not dissing the classics here.

From left to right, starting from the top: Kit Cloudkicker (TaleSpin), a Care Bear of Care Bears fame (I could never bother to remember their names), Bonkers D. Bobcat (Bonkers), Willie and Maya (Maya the Bee), Spider-Man and lieutenant Psi and captain Peter (Once Upon a Time...Life*).
Lower row, left ro right: Freakazoid, Lady Lovely Locks and her furry little hair-parasites, Michaelangelo (my favorite of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Mr. and Mrs. Barbapapa, the Pink Panther, Captain Planet, some chick from Beverly Hills Teens (never learned their names either, except for the evil one), the elephant king Babar, Denver the Last Dinosaur, an Ewok (The Ewoks - yes, there was an animated series and no, I never cared to memorize their names either), Willy Fog and princess Romy (Around the World with Willy Fog**), Candy and her pet raccoon (Candy Candy***), Dr. Snuggles and Dennis the Menace.
Lower row, left to right: Babs and Buster Bunny (Tiny Toons), Max (Goof Troop), Dewey, Huey, Louie and Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales - woo-o!), under them are Tom and Jerry, doing their usual cat-and-mouse routine, and a random My Little Pony****), next to them there's Alice and her bunny, Benny (Alice in Wonderland), Dogtanian (The Three Muskehounds*****), the two scheming lab mice Pinky and the Brain, that daring duck of mystery, Darkwing Duck , Winnie the Pooh, Charlie Brown and Snoopy from (duh) The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show******, Alfred J. Kwak, and little Miss Piggy from Muppet Babies, about to have her little letter block tower carelessly knocked over by Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden from The Moomins.
Lower row, left to right: a snork from The Snorks (again: names, don't remember, don't care, yadda yadda), Tao Tao the panda playing with Jacky and Jill from Jacky the Bear Cub, Mrs. Pepper Pot (I'm pretty sure that was her name in English), Brainy Smurf from The Smurfs (he wasn't my favorite or anything, just easily recognisable), Nils Holgersson with his pet hamster (The Wonderful Adventures of Nils), David the Gnome, two killer tomatoes on the attack (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes), Garfield the cat, and finally Chip 'n Dale, Rescue Rangers.

Sadly, I can still think of a bunch I left out. That's how much of a life I had as a child.

There's a few left out simply because there was no more room (Pound Puppies, Potsworth & Co., The Wuzzles, Gummi Bears, Pingu, Scooby-Doo and Reboot are some that come to mind). Some I left out on purpose because while I watched them, I didn't actually like them very much (James Bond Junior, Casper: The Friendly Ghost, Biker Mice from Mars). In case you're wondering why such classics as He-Man, Transformers, The Real Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget and G.I. Joe are missing, it's because most of those were only available on cable channels when I was growing up and we didn't have cable. If I had the chance, I would have watched those too, you can bet on it, so perhaps it's for the best that I couldn't. =P ^^;

Anything else came after what I consider the end of my childhood, so don't even ask me about the likes of Pokemon unless your goal is to make me feel old.

References used: a lot (no direct tracing, though). Most of these characters I've never even attempted to draw before, some of them I have but ages ago, so I definitely needed some practice.


* I loved all the Once Upon a Time... series, but since there's like five of them in total I figured referencing just one here was enough. The "Life" one was always my favorite, anyway.

** I blame this show for sowing the seed of interest in the Victorian era so early in my youth.

*** Which taught me the art of climbing trees.

**** Did the ponies even have names? Did anyone care? I'm pretty sure we all just called them things like "the pink one", "the one with the cherry pattern" or "the one with wings". Or, in case of toys, "the one that changes color underwater".

***** This show got me totally excited about sword-fighting for a while. I even bought a plastic, glow-in-the-dark sword when all I normally cared about were ponies and Barbies. Our love affair was brief but passionate.

****** I would like to take this moment to thank the late, great Charles E. Schulz for my first true obsession, Peanuts. I almost got a little emotional while drawing Charlie Brown and Snoopy, because I hadn't drawn them since I was about 9. They pretty much defined my childhood and it's kind of amazing I haven't done any kind of tribute to them up 'till now.

EDIT: Wow, a DD! Thank you so much, everyone. It brings me joy to hear this has brought back some good memories to so many people. :)
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I loved the theme song to the ewoks

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The-Autistic-ArtistHobbyist General Artist

Love your piece! Good times... good times from these cartoons!

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where are the gargoyles
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I just get goosebumps seeing how excited Charlie Brown is standing with Darkwing Duck!! 😁😁😁
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bakaloboHobbyist General Artist
One heck of a good list and a nice tribute. I recognize several of them so vaguely I'm not sure if I watched them or not but they are lingering somewhere in my memories. 
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When I was in my childhood, I was a fan of KOL Secret Slumber Party and KEWLopolis on Saturday mornings. For KOL Secret Slumber Party, I watched Madeline, Sabrina The Animated Series, Trollz, Horseland, Cake TV, and Dance Revolution. For KEWLopolis, I watched Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake. Sabrina, Trollz, Horseland, and Cake TV re-aired on KEWLopolis at that time. But afterwards, Sabrina and Trollz were replaced by Sushi Pack and Dino Squad. I thought those 2 were for dudes, but I started liking them since they did have girls in it. Trollz, Sabrina, and Horseland made comebacks on Cookie Jar TV while Cake TV and Dance Revolution made a comeback on Cookie Jar Toons. On Sunday mornings, I watch 4Kids TV on the WB channel (later The CW) and the shows I saw on that channel were Magical DoReMi, Bratz, and WinX Club. WinX Club is my favorite show on 4Kids TV because they have fairies, magical powers, and it's an all girls show. Good old times! I wish my childhood came back.
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Club-DreamiverseHobbyist General Artist
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MIXTOONSHobbyist Artist
Sweet Dancing Jesus!!!
But we still hate Care Bears😝
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animelover5fulHobbyist Digital Artist
Finally an art that includes Nils as well :) There aren't many arts of this version of the show sadly
Awesome pic :D
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I remember quite a few of these cartoons (The Smurfs, The Littles, etc...)  Nice.
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Our childhoods were amazing, weren't they? :)
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It's hard to believe that Saturday Morning Cartoons don't exist anymore.
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
Ah the Good Old Days... nice work :)
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spaghetti-dinnerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Where in the fuck is HE-MAN!?
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Juzernejm05Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Once upon a time…Life season is my fav too
SparksInG-major's avatar
SparksInG-majorStudent Digital Artist
And as of September 24, 2016, the last broadcast day of NBC Kids, Saturday morning cartoons are dead...
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Noah13442Student Artist
Who are these three bears?
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The great old times of REAL CARTOONS SERIES!!!:D (Big Grin) My childhood!Aww 
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XxBeaglebark413xXHobbyist General Artist
Was Jacky the Bear Cub like 90s We Bare Bears?
Also I can never see Captain Planet without thinking of that Robot Chicken short! 

"Protect the environment or i'll kick ya in the balls... CAPTAIN PLANET!"
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Some of those were better than others.

Also, just bought Willy Fog on DVD without ever watching it prior, except for ONE youtube clip.
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JessKat-artHobbyist Digital Artist
Hope you enjoy it. :D
KlarkKentThe3rd's avatar
That is my hope as well.
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ChiptheHedgehogHobbyist Digital Artist
a wonderful time :D
I miss the good old times.
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