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pictures of me.

who'd like to see me down on my fucking knees?
everyones dying just to get the disease.

just mucking about in painter again.

lyrics - Elliot Smith - Pictures of me
butterflies and wing references - google image search
pose reference - oyster magazine
tattoo reference -bmezine
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© 2005 - 2021 jesskajuice
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Diomysios's avatar
If this is indeed you, you are absolutely lovely!
Dygera's avatar
Love your style^^
Pikomi's avatar
godspeltbackwards's avatar
great pic..very stylish :thumbsup:
butterflygun's avatar
Rawr. I love the love Love LOVE this pic. The colors, the starkness of shape, the wings....and of course, the music. This sounds ridiculously poseurish to write, but this picture is so very rock'n'roll.

kiss-maj-tramposz's avatar
:heart: it. great tattoos.
you're so talented :aww:
Angelgrinder's avatar
ungirlsetsfire's avatar
that's pretty good work indee!! well done!! :D
darkXmuse's avatar
Johse's avatar
You got a delightful taste of colours, very light . Love it:)
Panda-Maniac's avatar
Incredible. Love it.
changerous63's avatar
the angels in my heaven...jacked in and jammin...
ImaginaryGoddess's avatar
Your style is so interesting - you can see all the talent but you seem so unconstrained and very flowing and somewhat abstract in how you express your artwork. I love it!
gliss's avatar
I love your style.
amnesiaray's avatar
-marysia-'s avatar
I think its pretty.
shimmyhunnyshimmy's avatar
Really nice piece of work! :D I love her hair and the linework, really nice :)
angrymikko's avatar
google image search isn't clip art gallery that's free to use. You might want to learn some copyright laws.
sarska's avatar
whoah freaking hot girl. love the ear muffs! and wings, and tatts and everything! shading lovely.

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