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burn all those in my way!

"There's a girl who has the mysterious power to control fire...
And she goes on a journey to find the family she's been separated from.
Proclaiming "Burn all those in my way!", she did exactly that to all her foes.
But I think in the end, her powers got out of control and destroyed the world...
So she never met her family in the end. She was all alone...

A poor girl all alone...
If I lose father I'll be alone too..."

this was a really memorable part of mad father for me weh
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That game Mad Father was indeed mad and sad D:
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thank you!!!! ^o^
This looks awesome! Great job! :D
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what game is this?
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it's a drawing based on a story book in a game called Mad Father!
It's really neato so you should definitely check it out some time!
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you may not know this but your art is reblogged frequently on tumblr for the horror rpg games. Every blog I go on that has any of the horror rpg girls tagged to it I see your art. I finally found you.....finally....
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oh boy! i actually have an art blog on tumblr, so hopefully they're all reblogging my stuff from there! if not, i'm still really really happy that everyone enjoys my artwork!!! ;w;
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If you like these RPG Horror games so much, you should try out Misao! It is from the same creator as Mad Father!! :D
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heeheehee! i've actually already played misao! it's was pretty nifty! really spooky too!!!
i still have to draw fanart of it one of these days, because i really liked it!!!
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I LOOOOVVVVEEEE THIS!!! its a sad story but mad father is one of my favorite games ever!!!~
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Q A Q very effective representation of a detail in the story....
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