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Chapter 3

Shadow woke up by the sound of birds. He growled. "God damn birds." He looked to his side and saw Sonic softly breathing in his sleep. Shadow smiled and quietly crawled over to him. He gently flipped Sonic until the blue one was on his back. Shadow then started nipping at Sonic's exposed neck. Sonic tilted his head back and moaned softly. He must of been having a great dream from the sound of his moan. Shadow then whispered, "Sonic, wake up." Sonic grunted, refusing to do so. Shadow smiled once more for he knew what to do. He purred softly in Sonic's ear and let his hands wander Sonic's body. Soon, the hands of the dark one's found what it wanted and that was Sonic's ass. Shadow then grasped the blue one's butt and Sonic shot up from the bed.
"Morning." Shadow said as he crawled closer to Sonic's face.
"Why did you grasp my ass?" Sonic asked annoyed.
"What? A guy can't have his fun?"
"Well, that's your fun. My fun is running." Shadow then placed a hand on Sonic's chest and gently pushed him down. Sonic's head crashed on a pillow and his eyes were staring right into demon red eyes.
"Come on Sonic. You know I was playing."
"Shadow, your starting to turn into a badass boy."
"So, what?"
"What's wrong with being a badass?"
"Well-" That was all Sonic could say. His peach lips were dancing with tan lips. Sonic then slowly closed his eyes and returned the kiss. Before things could get heated, the doorbell rang. Shadow let go of Sonic's lips and growled.
"If it's that bitch Amy Rose, I swear to fucking god I will murder her!"
"Shadow calm down. I'll answer this." Shadow nodded and crawled off of his lover, allowing him to run to the door and answering it. He growled. "Damn you Amy."

Sonic made it to the door and answered it and to his suprise, it wasn't Amy. It was Tails.
"Oh Sonic it been a while" Tails cries
"Hey Little Buddy. It's fine and I told you. Shadow is with me"
" *sniffs* Yeah I forgot"
"Anyways what are you doing her Tails"
"Well Someone wanted to see-" Tails was cut out by a shout.
"Sorry Sonic. Sghe was going to smash me with the hammer" Tails said nervously
"Good and you?"
"Hey but where's is that emo-
"Say it one more time Rose. I will kill you harshly"
"be nice to Shadow Amy"
"Okay then Sonic" Amy said with a smile.
"What do you want Amy?" Shadow growled.
"I'm just here to see my Sonikku." She squeeled joyfully. Sonic shook his head in embarassment but then he was glomped by the annoying Amy. Shadow growled and slammed the door, almost causing an earthquake or someone going in rampage.
"Is something wrong Shadow?" Tails asked, very conserned.
"Yah. I'm fine." He turned and looked at Sonic.
"Hey Sonic? Can I talk to you for a second?"
"Fine by me!" Sonic wiggled out of Amy's death grasp and ran to Shadow.
"Privately." He whispered. Sonic nodded and turned, looking at the fox and hedgehog.
"We'll be right back." Shadow grabbed Sonic's hand and went to the bedroom and closed the door behind him.

"What's wrong Shadow?" Sonic asked as he sat on the bed.
"Sonic," Shadow sighed. "I'm worried about what will happen when we tell everyone about you being pregnant."
"What's to worry?"
"The pink bitch."
Sonic soon felt a chill crawl up his spine. "Shadow, what if she harms me when we tell them and she harms the baby?" Shadow wrapped an arm around his blue angel then replied, "Don't worry. If that bitch wants to hurt you, she'll have to go through me." Sonic smiled and placed a hand on Shadow's chest fur, then resting his head on his chest.
"Shadow?" Sonic said as he looked up in his love's eyes.
"This is why I love you. You're always there when I need you." They were about to kiss, but Amy busted through the door, which startled the two hedgehogs. Shadow was ready to mall her but Sonic stopped him.
"I have to go Sonic." Amy said as she gave Sonic a peck on the lips and ran off. When she left, Sonic wiped the kiss away in horror..
"She calls that a kiss?" Shadow said as he tried to hold back a laugh.
"Haha Very Funny"
"Yeah but who's better me or her?" Shadow asked
" Yours because your kisses are better." They both leaned close to each other and kissed passionately for who knows when.

Shadow then broke the kiss and panted softly. He placed his lover beside him, pulled the bed covers over him and Sonic, then fell asleep.

Anyways I don't think I might continue this story until August 30. I'm actually working on Project; UMO Code Sonic and Snow White and the Huntsman Shadamy style........


Sonic and Co. Belong to SEGA
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Why is this categorized as "Poetry"?
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i love this story
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