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Winx OC Reference Sheet

OH HAY. Long time no see. Still busy with school Dx

But here! Have a present, my fellow Winx-tards! A Winx OC reference sheet with all the basics!


Not exactly big enough for the wings of Enchantix or Believix, I might make another sheet for wings later =3

So spread it around! Use it and share it! Show me a link so I can see what you've done!

*Witches and heroes pending*
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а тут кто то на русском понимает?
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Wow I love it, but I'm lost on the charmix one
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Sweet! I'm gonna use it for my 2 OCs in my winx group called flix. I'm still up for grabs if anybody wants a place on the team!
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using it.....must do enchantix for two of mine
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Yana: [link] Saharia: [link] Marcia: [link] and Ashliegh: [link]
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totally awesome! i'm going to do this one sometime ;)
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Sweet ref sheet! Sorry, I'm part of the group this is in...

*Sneaks off with it*
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When I have the time, I'm SO doing this.
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Awesome idea! <3
I bet A LOT of people will fill it out! :3
You'll be the next hottest meme creator! Hehe!
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Not really meant as a 'meme'...I just know that some fellow winx fans might find it useful if they ever want to display their refs all at once :heart:
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Yeah, I know, I typed meme for some reason when I was thinking reference sheet. I've been doing stupid stuff like that lately so I've been avoiding writing or working on anything because I was even doing it in my school work! XD

But we've found a place in Barrie now and we just have to get all the paper work done and such.I think the place is on Vancouver street.
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If you're living on Vancouver then you're going to be walking distance away from me! Like, you'll be living closer than the grocery store I walk to!
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that's hilarious! Apparently I'll be close to you and Brandon then. He told me that I was in walking distance too, hehe! <3
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This is great. I'm so doing this :)
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I might use it, it seems very useful! :D
*Eagerly awaits witches/specialists reference*
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I think I'll use it too :meow:
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Totes gonna gank this. kthnx.
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AWESOME! ;) I think I'll make one with Aly, my winx OC ;)
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I will use it when I finished the new Believix from Raiyla ^^
I want one with a pose by me! XD
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