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Okay, I promised a journal about a month ago as an introduction to who I am, but I have had a little bit of a rough month (finding out that I'm allergic to some sort of critter that stung me on the finger, getting some sort of terrible flu that kept me and my husband quarantined for a week, and my puppy got sand colic from eating mulch in our back yard), but all of the personal ramblings aside...

HI! I'm Jessie. I turned 20 years old last month. I live in California with my husband Joey and our German Shepherd puppy Anya. Joey is in the Navy, and goes to the Language school out here, so we'll be in California for quite a while.
My whole family lives in Florida, and I am proudly a Disney child. Until I moved out here to be with my husband, I never lived further than 30 minutes away from Disney.
I graduated high school in 2010, and literally 2 days after that I went to work in the plastics manufacturing plant my dad manages as a quality control specialist and machine operator. I made crates for big companies like Pepsi and Coke, as well as recycle bins and trash cans (seriously, check the bottom of your recycle bin or on the side of your trash can closest to the hinges! If it say's Rehrig Pacific Co, there's a chance that I made sure it was okay to ship out!).
Last year, I picked up a second job as an attractions attendant at Islands of Adventure. A note to all of you who plan on vacationing there: Please be nice to the attractions attendants. It's not our fault that we can't always seat large parties on the same ride cart. I left my job there after the second elderly lady decided to take her frustrations out on me and hit me, and then her daughter proceeded to spit on me. It's not my fault that I can't put a party of seven on a cart only rated for six people. Jeez!
Most importantly, I'm an artist. Not a very well accomplished one, or a very good one at that, but I try, because art is relaxing to me. I spent one year at Davenport School of the Arts (with the wonderful Penguin-cookie), and it was probably my most memorable school year after senior year. I have this huge passion for photography, but I'm still learning and experimenting. I'm even thinking about getting a part time job to pay for new lenses for my Nikon, as well as getting a new Macbook (mine's about 2 years old now) to advance myself.

But yeah, that's me. I'm very friendly, and I'm a pretty open person, and I love giving feedback if you need it/want it, so please don't be shy. I LOVE FRIENDS!
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Submitted on
April 3, 2012