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I'm sorry for being gone but because I've been sick, band, and other various stuff I may not be around much but I'll try my best to be more active in the future.
I've been bored sand with nothing really inspiring me. I want to sketch for some of my watchers and please don't just watch me to get a free drawing cause I won't do it under any circumstances.
I've been bored since the summer started and I wanted to try this RP for awhile. So note or comment below for information.
So I've updated my One Piece OC's and their backstory so it make since. So I'm starting up the RP again and if anyone want to comment or send me a note.
So I've been bored so I thought of this crossover, if anyone wants to try then send a note or comment
I've decided to do free request to all my watchers for christmas, so comment on what you want me to do and I'll try get it done by christmas.

*Please don't just watch me and then unwatch me just to get a free drawing*
I've been reading some fanfics for this crossover and it's just kind of stuck with me. I'm hoping to do this during the turtles search for the black hole generator pieces.

Cursing is fine
No sexual themes
Format doesn't matter

If your interested send a note or comment below
This is a updated journal of my TMNT 2016 RP. I've watched the movie and I love it, so this for both the 2014 and 2016 movie.

Cursing is allowed
No sexual content
Format doesn't matter

I can do this on notes or Skype
I read a couple of crossovers for this and thought it might be cool.

Cussing is allowed
No sexual content

Comment or Note me to get started.
No sexual content
Cursing is ok
OC's are aloud
OC x canon are allowed
I've been reading some SU crossover fanifcs and this gave me inspiration to try this.

No sexual content
Cursing is allowed

Hope to have seen response's soon.
I'm going to try taking commissions again and I'll try to do it digital but if I do it traditional I may update it later digital. Look on profile or comment below for more information.


Name: Luna Urasal

Race: Imperial

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Birthdate: 19th of Second Seed

Birthsign: Lover

Class: Theif

Mother: Amelia Urasal (Deceased) Breton

Father: Darden Samuel  (Deceased) Imperial

Other Family: None

Relationship status: Single

Spouse: None

HP: 250

STA: 200

MP: 180

Powers/Abilities: Voice of the Emperor and Shadowcloak of Nocturnal

Weapons: Nightingale Blade and Steel Sword

Armor: Normal-Nightingale Armor, boots, gloves, and hood. Dark Brotherhood-Shrouded Armor, boots, cowl, and gloves. Thieves Guild- Armor, boots, gloves, and hood.

Main Skills: One handed, Pickpocket, Lockpicking, Sneaking, and Enchanting

Personality: Hot headed, Kind, Thoughtful, Clever, and Sarcastic

Friends: All of the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild

Secrets: None

Affiliation: Dark Brotherhood, Nightingale, and  the Thieves Guild

Titles: Shadow Demon- Dark Brotherhood and Shadow- Thieves Guild

Character image: Not yet Drawn

Biography: Luna lived in Hammerfell with her parents until they were killed by bandits when she was 17. She then left for Skyrim and has been living in Riften ever since she was 20. After a year of living there she joined the Thieves Guild in order to keep her house and to keep the money flowing. During her time in the Guild she joined the dark brotherhood in order to find the bandits that killed her parents.

Likes: Sweetrolls, Dogs, swords, her friends, and legends

Dislikes: Wolves, bandits, people who hurt her friends, and fish
No sexual content but cursing is ok if you want to send me a note or comment below
No sexual content but cursing is ok, if you want to  send me a note or comment below
No sexual content but cursing is allowed
If anyone wants to, just send me note or comment below
Happy v-day everyone and especially to those single people like me. Hugs and kisses to all my watchers.
So I read a fanfics by the nixdex where the readers a haunter, so I decided to try a pokemon one piece crossover, if anyone want to rp just comment and I'll send a note, see ya then.
Anyone want to do some tmnt rp, no sexual content but swearing and blood is fine, if you want to just send me a note.…