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(Updated) Sira Amelia: Standard outfit by Jessicathehedgehog22 (Updated) Sira Amelia: Standard outfit by Jessicathehedgehog22
Name: Sira Amelia
Age: 18
Hair color: (Before Devil Fruit)
Black, (After Devil Fruit)
Eye color: Violet
Skin color: Tan
Devil Fruit: Aku-Aku fruit (Demon-Demon fruit)
Weapons: Daggers, poison, devil fruit abilities, and swords
Nicknames: Night Mother (assassin), Angel of death (pirate), Miss Darkness (Baroque works)
Crew: Baroque works (former), Strawhat pirates (current)
Occupation: Assassin
Family: Sira Rose (Grandmother alive), Sira Cosmo (Mother dead), Sira Selena (Aunt dead), Sira Clara (Aunt alive), Clark Jessie (Cousin alive), Portagas D. Hunter (Father dead), Portagas D. Rouge (Aunt dead), Gold D. Roger (Uncle dead), Portagas D. Ace (Cousin alive)

Bio: 'Nightshade' Sira Cosmo and 'Man-made weapon' Portagas D. Hunter were pirates on the Pirate Kings crew, her mother was a former assassin that was hired to kill Roger but she joined the crew after being convinced by Shanks and Raleigh. 2 years after Roger's execution, Cosmo found out she was pregnant and they moved to her childhood home to raise their child in safety. When Amelia was 2 she was captured by former marines that went corrupt after Roger's execution. Cosmo managed to save her daughter but costing the sight in her right eye. After Akame was born, knowing that more marines might come after their children they decided to turn themselves in causing their deaths. When Amelia turned 8 and Akame turned 6, the island was visited by a celestial dragon named, Aria Winter, bringing with them two devil fruits, Aku-Aku and Tens-Tens fruit. The girls found their devil fruits and accidentally ate them, the crew manadged to find them and captured Akame taking her hostage. After a fight between Amelia and Winter, Amelia was shot in the head twice and near death causing her to achieve 'Demon's hell' form and fight Winter off but losing her sister in the process. Amelia trained until she was 16 then left to find her sister. She ran into Baroque works members and joined them, working until she reached second in command under the name 'Miss Darkness'. She worked under the Crocodile until she found his plot to take over Alabasta, joining along side Vivi in an effort to stop him. She joined the strawhats after they found out about Crocodile's plot, she brought herself to Luffy and asked him to take her along as his personal assassin.
saber360 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017
Nice work :)
Jessicathehedgehog22 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you!
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