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Myself in one piece by Jessicathehedgehog22 Myself in one piece by Jessicathehedgehog22
A friend of mine drew this, this is a collie version of the dog-dog fruit. The eyes are supposed to be green but it doesn't matter.

Name: Jessica (no last name)

Nickname: Jessie or Jess

Pre timeskip age: 18

Post timeskip age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Birthdate: 4/22

Birthsign: Taurus

Pre timeskip- Black tanktop, with a green outer shirt and blue and red shorts with hearts, no shoes

Post timeskip- Black t-shirt with a blue heart in the middle, long dark blue jeans, no shoes

Personality: Kind, tomboyish, hot headed

Strengths: Skilled with swords, daggers, and anything with a blade

Weakness: Can't swim, a bit absent minded, anger issues

Likes: Napping, training, singing, drawing, and helping

Dislikes: Marines, Celestial dragons, and perverted people to a extent

Habits: Her tail wags furiously when she gets nervous

Dreams: To explore the world

Love interest: Zoro or Sanji

Family: Grandmother(alive), mother(deceased), father (deceased)

Friends: Luffy, Nami, Sanji, Usopp, Chopper

Enemies: Marines, Celestial dragons, and enemies to the strawhats

Birth place: Lunar Isle

Background: Jessica is the daughter of two pirates that were on Rogers crew, after Roger was captured her parents fled back to Lunar isle. After she was born her parents were captured by marines and executed, her grandmother took her and hid until the marines had left and raised her. One day when she was walking with her grandma when she came across a werid fruit in a tree, after the came home she ate the fruit and right after black and caramel ears popped out of her head and a black and caramel tail comes out of her back side, her grandma looked up the fruit and saw it was a version the dog-dog fruit, she could transform into a collie and had amazing jumping abilities and can run long distances. When she was 16 she left her home in order to explore the world, she ended up crashing on a island and staying their for two year until the strawhats found her as thanks for saving she joined as poison checker on the crew.

Devil fruit: Version of the dog-dog fruit

Skills: Able to run and jump long distance, can transform into a collie

Weapons: Twin daggers and twin katanas

Bounty: 600,000 beri
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May 25, 2016
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