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Carrot Top's New Hat

By jessicat0
This made me chuckle.

So, is it Golden Harvest or Carrot Top? I know they both are her, but which one is the one I should use? Just changed it to Carrot Top. Hmmmm

This is a trace from the My Little Pony episode MMMystery on the Friendship Express.

Created with: Inkscape and nub mouse
SVG: [link]
Time: Like 6 hours on/off. Took waaay longer than it should have. Probably spent the most time on her cutie mark. It's okay I guesss. I just couldn't get it right. x_x

Bleh. I need to finish sanitizing my other svg files and upload them.

Edit: 4/20/12: Fixed all of the silly errors
Edit: 4/21/12: Derp, forgot to change eyes over to gradient. And her leg accidentally had a lump on it. Now it should be good. I hope.
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Nice vector and that would be my reaction too if some one used my head as a drink tray XD
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So that's where my OC's drink got to, I shall inform my pony about this, lol.

Seriously though, I really like the vector on this. :)
TnT-Illustrations's avatar
Golden Harvest is her official name. Nice vector!
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I love when their eyes go really small like that.
weirdnwild91's avatar
I loved that part with Carrot Top. xD