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Beaded Dragon

Hi guys! I decided to play around because a new gemshop opened up literally right down the street from me, and the words of :iconzephyri: kind of stuck with me. She said that Vance's dragon reminded her of jewelry and that really appealed to me. Plus I really wanted to do something special for my daughter, to remind her that she's completely awesome and a little dragon of awesomeness. So I took the metal and stone effects one step further and added... well.. all this.

There are over 2500 glass beads used (I lost count over the 2500 so it's probably considerably higher). The gemstones on his face are Rhodalite Garnets, and Alexandrite. Real Freshwater Pearls, andAbalone Shells make up his body. Chipped mica stone make up the scales, then watercolors, colored pencils, and finally melted metallic pigments. It was well over 37 hours of work but I'm REALLY happy with it. Ridiculously happy!

Thank you everyone who stuck through the livestream sessions of this, I know watching me bead is not nearly as entertaining as painting.

The original will be at Salt Lake Comic Con this year!

(changed the file to one iwth better lighting)
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EXCUSE ME WHAT?! This is so amazing!! All that work you put into this really shows, and I wish I could see this really up-close and the picture I'm sure doesn't do it justice!

I am in. AWE.
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Hi Jessica!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured your work in a post called June Birthstone Dragons by Various Artists on my dragon artwork blog (with proper attribution and links back, of course).  This is a phenomenal piece, and since Alexandrite and Pearl are two of June's birthstones, you can see why it was perfect to share!  You can find me at Writing Dragons, and this feature here.  Keep up the amazing work!
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Oh wow, maybe I'll get to see the original!
What a fabulous concept this is! The colors match that frame so perfectly too!
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Probably not this one, it's on the wall of it's new home so I doubt it'll be shown publicly anymore. BUT I have other dragons in this same technique!
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I wish I had the money to convince you to just sell this to me. But I don't. :cry:

Oh well, this is an amazing piece Jess! I really love how you're incorporating all these things into your art, you're thinking WAY out of the box and having fun with your work, and it really shows. I can't wait to see what you come up with next! :D
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No, this one is also already in it's new home. But thank yo uso much!
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This look amazing! I would love some zoomed in shots to see the detail better!
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You're welcome :love: Keep up the amazing work
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Wow! So gorgeous! 
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I LOVE gems and stones and am super excited to see you incorporating some (a lot) into your work. I think dragons are a perfect vehicle for that mixed media medium.

I can't even fathom over 2500 beads. wow. the pearls and abalone are perfect for this application and the beading around them really makes them pop. I like that the lines for the ears eyes and muzzle(beak/mouth?) are so crisp. I like the use of metallic paint/pigments in the hair, but the thickness of the lines makes it seem a little clunky. The mica chips are a good idea for the scales and they seem to work well in the neck and the mid upper body area, but maybe it's the camera but the chips seem to get a little lost and blurry around the back right leg and the body above the back legs. I am enjoying seeing your experiments with gem and stone.

I think Zephyri's lost line idea is intriguing. not sure the best way to pull that off but I'm sure you could if you wanted to explore it. Much love to you and your creativity. :hug:
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Exquisite piece, and a lot of hardwork :clap:
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WOW, that looks like a lot of work, and it turned out gorgeous!  :heart: :heart:   
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